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Ken Banker

Tammy Fecher (Hunton/Durnford)

Jill Weidman

Doug Eagan

Maureen McConville (Goldsmith)

Charlie Moscatello Jr.

Barbara Noble (Papp)

Jim Murray

Deanna Eskiewicz (Lanza/McSwain)

Brian Mooney

Peggy Haas (Bubel)

Doris A. Borucinski (DeCicco)

Tommy Lincoln

Donald Khare

Joe Schiavone

  Betty Fink (Bulger/DeMarco)
Tony Salimbene
Jenny Attis (Roff)

Richie Begasse

 Maureen DeCanio (Huston)

Barbara Wakefield (Archambault)

Bill Twomey

Joann Spagna (Laquintana)

Karen Larkin (O'Mara)

Rose Hunton (McCarthy)

Al Burkhart

Scott Pistorino
Damon M. Rispoli
Kenneth Cullen

Ken Kelich

Debbie Fitzsimmons (Burke)

 Fran Longo (Roff)

John & Cheryl Steel

Debby Sawyer

Mike Lynch 

John Donnelly

 Anthony Chiusano (Chio)
Denise Meyer

Lisa King (Mendosa) 

Bobby Bello (Harpo)

Richie Begasse 

Rita Burns (Jennings) 

Elyse Farrell (Hejny)

Margo McGinty
Jim Doherty

Diane Young (Santamareno) 

Billy Nicolay  

Cathy Mahoney (Horonzy)

Jane Hayes (Dowd)

Alyce Banker (Bansley)
Annmarie Banker (Spencer)
Jennifer Correa (Roselli)

Kristy Peccoroni (Repyneck)

Joel Attis

Elaine Johnston

Donnie Fecher

Denise Gralton

Louise & Linda Hakans

Lucille & Tommy Miazga
Ginger Liggio (Pardo)

Ronnie Donnellan (Salinas)

Peter Donnellan

Patsy Tanner (Sullivan)

Jacque Tanner (Levine)

John McNamara Jr.

Joe Damm

Mike Bligh

Mike Powers

Howard Stern

Fran Manerly (Coughlin)

George Glock (news article)

Ken Banker writes:
Hi, been meaning to contact you about the great job you doing with the site. You bring back alot of memories. When you wrote about the Fire House, the duece and a half was a 1942 Dodge. We got it after WW 2, it was brand new, never used. It was going over seas in WW 2 but for some reason it never got there. The other truck was a 1964 Jeep .it was a jeep special made in N.J. the company name was Howes. Not many were made, our?s was used at the world fair, they made them to get around the exhibits.They were made to whatever met your needs. There is even a site for collectors. Also the parking lot clean up-others in the picture were Mike Mc Cabe, Eileen Murray, Mary Hammer and Gerrie Daveital, not sure of this spelling of that last name, but pronounced that way. Keep up the good work....Ken Banker 

Tammy Fecher (Hunton/Durnford) writes:

Hey Craig. wow long time no see or hear. found your website and it was soooo
chilling and exciting. what memories. i have enclosed a few pics that i have to
send seperately. This is me!. Used to be married to Steven Hunton. Brother is
Donnie Fecher and dad is Don Fecher. Been in Naples Florida since 1983. Steve
and I had Tara when we up in Edgewater but moved when she was one. I will
keep in touch. Finally got in touch with Chio. any one want my email its
[email protected] or [email protected] Thanks for the great memories..

Jill Weidman writes:
Hi craig..i wonder if you recall any of the Weidman family from edgewater
park..there were many of grandfather was george weidman sr,...his sons
were robert weidman who married irene saunders of england..joseph weidman
who married weidman jr who married pat..and georgianna weidman
who married roy grandfather and father were both
grandfather george sr... died in the 50's and was a resident of edgewater at the
time. I'll try to gather more info and perhaps a photo of him and the house they
lived in. Any info or leads would be greatly appreciated..lovely website. thank

Jill Weidman  From:
nik s [email protected]


Doug Eagan writes:
I was in the process of trying to locate an aunt that had lived in Parkchester.
Can't find her anywhere. I did have relatives in Edgewater Park, so I googled
them and found your website. Excellent job.
Ethel and George(?) Harris were my great aunt and uncle. I spent many days
in their store. I really looked forward to going there 'cause I got free candy.
I thought it was really funny on your home page where you indicated that Mrs.
would throw kids out of her store to make room for customers. There certainly
much room in there.
I know that they had a son we called Georgie. I haven't had any contact with
that side of my family since the '60's or '70's.
A super job of putting all of that memorabilia together.
Doug Eagan
[email protected]



Maureen McConville (Goldsmith) writes:
Hi Craig,
I want to thank you for this site. It brings back sooooooooooo many great memories.
I lived in Edgewater from '58 until early '80s
My mom and dad are not on your name list Harriet (LaCopra) McConville and Emmet (Bobo) McConville 76-B (58 ? 69), 7-E (69- 70???) Sorry to say both are deceased
You have us children Maureen, Jimmy, Mickey, Paulette, Ritchie and Sammy but not my mom and dad.
My brother Jimmy McConville married Alyce Halpern (5E) and has 2 children, Patricia and Jimmy Jr. My brother is deceased but Alyce Halpren McConville still lives there.

I married Gerard Goldsmith (62-B) our children are David (Dave) and Michelle we lived at 21-A and 131-B. You have Dave listed but not Michelle ([email protected]). I was a McConville before
marriage and you are missing a lot of them. Here is the McConville clan. Please add us. We loved our time in Edgewater.
Other McConvilles:
My aunt, uncle and cousin were there from 40s until early 60s
First road E section 4th or 5th house, next door to Campell.
I have even lost touch with them. They moved to Jersey (in early 60s I think.)
Their names are as follows:
Aunt Dottie (Kelly) McConville (Dottie Kelly lived in from Edgewater before the McConvilles.)
Uncle Mickey McConville
Their 9 kids:
Mickey (jr.)
Dottie (after mother)
Dennis (Dennis?s Hill first road in E section named for him; great hill for sleigh riding)

BTW, I think the woman in the picture behind John Donnelly (60s and 70s seventh picture down) is me, Maureen McConville Goldsmith and that is my daughter Michelle I am holding. You
may add my name although I didn't know my pic was being taken. Please add my email address to your site [email protected]
I don?t have many pictures but I?m sure my ex-husband Gerard Goldsmith and his sister Patricia have thousands. I will tell them about this great site and encourage them to send you some.
He knew everybody in Edgewater and I know he has pics of 50s to present he still lives at 62B.

Thanks again for this wonderful site. Edgewater was an extraordinary and amazing place to grow-up and this site brings back all those magnificent memories.
Maureen McConville Goldsmith  [email protected]


Charlie Moscatello Jr. writes: 
This website is fantastic. My name is Charlie Moscatello Jr. My parents are Pat (Gidget Bligh) Moscatello and Charlie Moscatello Sr. I was born in the Bronx and lived at 92-B from birth (1966) until July 6, 1972. We then spent most weekends in Edgewater, at 137-B where my grandparents lived (Guido and Carmela Moscatello 1954-1977). My dad is Charlie Moscatello and was forman at Edgewater before joining the Department of Sanitation in 1970. He still did work for Edgewater while we lived in Rockland. I remember Joe Aratta (spelling) sitting in our kitchen. He used to drive an old green Jeep that I remember riding in. Anyway, the trip down memory lane is fantastic.
Basic stuff: I am Michael Bligh's nephew. I was friends with Billy Freder JR., and I remember Drew and their mom Irene. I think they had two little sisters. I remember when John Malloy died (right across the street from my house, the one on the opposite corner). Harry and June Alferano (spelling) also in B-section, were long time family friends, and we used to visit them in Florida after they moved. I remember their son Gino the most.

My e-mail is [email protected] and it would be nice if you could put it on the e-mail table you have.

Thank You.

Charlie Moscatello Jr.

Barbara Noble (Papp) writes: 
Hi Craig,
I'm Barbara "Noble" Papp from E section since the 1970's, 4 A in the 60's, and 128 D in the 40's and 50's. I just wanted to fill you in on who Bob Noble was who died this year. He was my cousin, my Uncle Jim Noble's only son and his sister was Betty now in Cleveland OH.. They're mother was Gertrude Noble, affectionately called "G I" (for Gertrude Irene) or Gerty by the Ladies auxiliary to differentiate her from my Grandmother Gertrude Noble and my Mother Gertrude Noble who were all members.
They lived in 48 A and Jim was my father Bob Noble's brother. Bobby was named after my Dad. Bob and Jim Noble were the owners of the Edgewater Hardware store all those years in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Bobby and his wife Florence started their marriage in Silver Beach and raised their daughter Denise who now owns 4 A. Her Husband Ron Rausch is on the Edgewater Park Coop Board at present. By the way, Jim and Bob Noble had three sisters, Lillian Noble McClay (187 1/2 C), Mildred Noble Stansbury (VA), and Jean Noble Schleicker (FL), they were all raised in 73 A. My grandparents lived here in 1910's, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's, until they both died.
My five children all raised here, and their families just spent an amazing Labor Day weekend helping to celebrate the 90th year of the E.A.A. games. I'm sending some pictures.
I hope I helped you decipher the mystery of the right Bob Noble. If I can be of any other help let me know. You have certainly put together a nice web source.
Barbara [email protected]


Jim Murray writes: 
My sister sent me your wesitesite.  I do genealogy research, last year a woman also researching her family tree sent me the enclosed photos and wanted me to know that her grandmother lived in Edgewater.  If I come across this woman again, I will try and get the address of the house. I know she would be happy with this site. Maybe someone seeing the photo would recongnize the house.  [email protected]

Deanna Eskiewicz (Lanza/McSwain) writes: 
Hey Craig,
This is Deanna, I grew up in the Buildings, and was Married to Mickey Lanza.  I have found some old Pics and hope you will post them along with my information for all my old friends to get in touch with me, I would love to hear from them.  My Full name then was Deanna Eskiewicz.  I have more Pics if you want them let me know. Joey Martz, Eddie Fish, Mike Kuhl,etc.

Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories with a great website, I hope Joe Mazz is doing better, I remember him very well, and am still in touch with Tina Mazz-Mahoney and Eileen Lanza.
Deanna McSwain
McSwain's Title & Document Services
Tele: 803-380-1266
email: [email protected] 

Brian Mooney writes:
Hey Craig its Mooney, I just found the website. How are you? I just emailed Elyse. I got her email from your website. You are  in brooklyn now? I remember Rita, where is Jimmy Heaphy? Do you know? The website looks great. I am in south jersey near philly. Maybe I will visit you soon. You still playing guitar? Do you ever see Jimmy Deickman? his brothers? How are you ?  What about Dave Donnelly? John, Jimmy? My address in the Bronx was 252 throggs neck blvd  across the street from Elyse Farrell. Loretta O'Brien just emailed me back.

Peggy Haas (Bubel) writes:
Peggy Married Bill Bubel
Peggy had 4 children: Bill Bubel Jr, Robert Bubel, Eric Pentenrieder, Richie Pentenrieder
We live at 124-D
Bill and Terry Bubel Lived at 53-B
Bill and Marie were their Parents
Terry married Thomas Monahan
She had 2 children: Tommy and Jason
She lives in Middletown
Peggy Bubel  [email protected]

Doris A. Borucinski (DeCicco) writes:
Hi Craig,
I read your site, it is really nice and it brings back memories. I lived at 89-C, with my parents Vinny and Florence Borucinski, my sisters Elaine, Florence and brother John. My mother Flo worked in the Blue Bird Bakery. My father Vinny Borucinski was a volunteer firemen. I still live at the same address. My children Denise and Karen Celentano was rasied in Edgewater also.
Doris A. DeCicco  [email protected]

 Tommy Lincoln writes:
Hi Craig,
Stumbled on to the Edgewater website and boy was I taken back to an idylic time in my life. I lived there with my grandmother Hazel Leonard at 31-C once for about a year in 1952 and for 2 years in 1956 and 1957. Killie beach was our beach and I hung around with Gerard Goldsmith, Skippy Tanner, a kid named Freytag and Johnny Bolger. Billy Goldsmith was Gerard's younger brother.
Used to fish with Ozzie off the sea wall in front of "B" Section. Bent the prop and shaft of a guy in "C" section who owned an inboard runabout made by J.C. Higgins? Played Ringalevio(spelling?) on the corner til late in the summer, burnt Christmas trees on the beach after Chrismas. Ran and swam in the games around Labor Day, and wondered that whole area from Fort Schyler to Pelham Bay Park. Went to PS72 and Had Mrs Perroni for the 6th grade and Mrs. Larkin for the 7th grade. Used to ride my bike no hands around and around that big hall by the stores and the gravel parking lot.
Left in October of 1957 for Los Angeles to live with my Dad. Sputnik had just been launched and the Dodgers left too. My girlfriend was Milly Vitarius. Her mom had died of breast cancer the summer before and I think her grandmother had a place on the seawall in "C" Section. Milly was starting to fill out and I think my grandmother was worried I was on my way to trouble. Don't think the motorcycle jacket or engineer boots could have had anything to do with it!
My name was Tommy Lincoln at the time. My real name is Wynnefield Lincoln-Rowson. I go by Win. Like to make things as simple as possible in my old age. So what happened to Gerard Goldsmith? We were best friends. Any idea?
Don't know if you're the right person to be sending this stuff too? Really didn't see any other contact information. could have missed something though.
Thanks Craig, for your quick reply. A few years ago, I thought I found Gerard living in "B" section in what I thought was one of the homes on the seawall. Can't seem to find him now though. I looked through all your recommendations. Great fun.
Here's a cute little story. Mrs. Perroni was my 6th grade teacher at PS72. She was a big, blond, Italian woman and I worshipped her. I think she liked me too. So after the end of the school year we kids spent the summer outside and in the water in bathing suits and bare feet. Sometime during the summer, Mrs. Perroni came to Edgewater to visit my grandma Hazel. I saw her and met her on the main street that terminated at Killie beach. She didn't recognize me! She just didn't know that in the summer Edgewater kids became transformed into half naked, brown bodied brats, with sun bleached hair, and seriously callused big feet.
Do you remember Celia?
There was a fat dentist and his Puerto Rican wife living in the corner house on the beach to the right of the Killie Beach jetty. They had bought a 12 foot Foldboat that was rubberized canvas with an air cell all the way around and a wood frame. It had a mast and sail rig, and a hard transom and they had a Mercury 6hp twin for it. I would take them out in their boat sort of like a tour guide. We'd just putt around real slow. What can you do with a 300lb dentist in the boat? Then after they had had enough I'd drop them off and ask if I could take the boat for a little spin. They always said yes. So I'd just cruise slowly around the corner toward Sandy Beach until I was out of sight and then open her up, run up to the nose to get it to come down, and blast around planned off on 6hp! What a kick.
Okay enough stories. Got lots of them for such a short time in Edgewater.
Thanks again.
Tommy Lincoln AKA Wynnefield Lincoln-Rowson         [email protected]

Donald Khare writes:
Lived at 75-B from the mid 60's to '95,   Donald Khare, wife Helen, son Stephen.
My wife, Helen, passed away in June '86.  
Moved to Florida in Dec.'95 to the Ft.Lauderdale area.
Moved to Tampa area in '04 to be closer to my son and grandkids.
Stephen is employed by the Hillsboro County Sheriff's Dept.
About Fred Stutz who once lived at  145-C.
Fred Stutz, the father, died May '08 from injuries from a crash at the racetrack in Punta Gorda, Fla.
I will try to send some info of  Fred ( FAST FREDDIE ) Stutz's racing history.
Edgewater Fire Dept-EPVH # 709
Donald Khare     [email protected] 

Joe Schiavone writes:
What a terrific site! My name is Joe Schiavone, I lived with my wife Sally, @ 181-C from 1967 to 1985. Sally's 2 sons are Dennis and John Csencsics [Chances]. I was a volunteer fireman for a couple of years and Sally was the Sunshine chairman for the civilian patrol until we left for Florida in 1985. Once I learn how to scan pictures I will send some. My grand father Leo Schiavone lived in 6C, My aunt, Lori Azzarite, lived in 23-C, My mother lived in 76-C. In 1952 I spent the summer @ my grandparents house and saved Skippy Tanner from drowning when he tried to swim in @ high tide from Killy Rock. My puppy love that year was Pat Tanner.
Theresa [Azzariti] was the older girl who was married to John, her younger sister is Cathy [Charlie was the brother]. Theresa passed away last year. My mother was Angie Schiavone, for a short period of time she had a second marraige and used the name Lombardo. After the divorce she reverted back to Schiavone. My sister lived in 76-C, her name was Angela and unfortunately she passed away this past Thursday. My mother left us in August 2007 at the age of 91. Theresa's mother Lori, my aunt, moved from 23-C to 47-B(?) for awhile and is now in upstate N.Y. I can honestly say that one of the best periods of my life was living in Edgewater and if I didn't hate cold weather so much I would still be there. 
Joe Schiavone [email protected]

 Betty Fink (DeMarco) writes:
Hi Craig,
 Recently found your site and of course it’s just the best! Such a great thing for you to do for us.  I laughed a lot, cried a little, felt nostalgic for days.  Anyway I moved to the Edge about 1955 with my parents Mickey & Fred Fink, my brother Ricky and myself Betty Fink,(Bulger) now DeMarco for sometime. We lived in 111-C, not to be confused with the other Fred Finks at 111-D! My mother is 91 and still says she's sorry they ever left, really was such a special time for all and from the looks of the pictures it still is. Speaking of pictures I have some I will get to you along with a bunch of names and a few funny stories etc. I'll work on getting it together,whatever you decide to print or not is okay with me, you might just read it for yourself. So agan great job, be in touch soon Betty D.  [email protected]

Tony Salimbene writes:
I wanted to add that the old Korony Legion Post has a bulletin board site to keep us informed of stuff of interest to our neighborhood veterans - KORONY253 - which is a Yahoo Group.  Add us in to your stuff if you want.
My house actually is in the photo below the one you named [on the SIXTIES and SEVENTIES page].  3145 Wissman Ave. It was the big house after the 3 new 'boxes' that were built after knocking down a beautiful brick!  A double lot, it was the Hartman's.  He was a WW1 vet who just died at Tom's River, NJ.  They had a double property with a fish pond and bees for honey.  Cleary across the street also had a double lot and did a lot of flowers and more bees!  Cunningham lived across on the corner (Wissman & Blair), Ferrari next, then (I forget but he stayed in the EAA),[That would be Richie and Babs Shilling-Richie grew up at 37-B along with his brothers-Ed and Tommy. Tommy would die young from an infection he got - Craig] then the mansion/Legion.
Also, as for your Lennon tab, Frank 'Lance' Lanci, husband of Diane Cullen (Artie & Gary Cullen) spent a summer with John & Yoko and was on David Frost and Mike Douglas shows.
 Tony Salimbene  [email protected]

Jenny Attis (Roff) writes:

[Of her father, Joel's death] Jenny said: I'm still in shock. The past few days he was telling my mom how he was having trouble breathing and that he wanted to put two more stints in his heart....  He was such a great dad and I miss him so much!
His wish, always, was to have a party in his name instead of a wake or funeral. My brother and I will set that up for him. 
Jen     [email protected]
Craig, My mother had 150 funeral cards made up for him and about halfway through the memorial, they were gone.  I saw people who I haven't seen in a long time.... you know you forget some names and stories, but once you see the face, you know who it is because you remember Dad talking and laughing around with them.  The gathering at the Redwood Club was amazing.  My brother Joel said he's never seen anything like this, meaning, we had that place packed for Dad.  Joel had ordered food for 100 people and by the time I got there at 6 pm (started at 5), most of the food was already gone.
We took his ashes with us from the funeral home and placed it right in the center of the bar, and laid a mug with ice and beer right by him.  My brother made a beautiful toast to him and everyone raised their drinks to the sky with thunderous applause.  My dad loved everybody... everybody.  He accepted all types of personalities and never had anything bad to say about anybody.  He is going to be missed by EVERYONE, because he is loved by everyone.  Last night is exactly how he wanted things to go and he was right there with us.  A great time was had by all, definitely.  I was very proud to be there and know my father.  And my brother grabbed me and said "We gotta keep him alive" - the generosity, humor, smile, free-spirited nature and love that my dad possessed, we now have and have to demonstrate to others.  That's definitely something we both want to "Carry on!"
PS - next time I see my bro, I'll let him know you wanted to be there but couldn't.  Just take care of yourself.
Thank you,

Richie Begasse writes:

Yesterday [Sunday, Dec. 21] evening he [Joel Attis] was taken to the hospital because he couldn't breathe.  It turns out that he had pneumonia. His lungs filled with liquid and it caused his death at 7:30 in the morning [Monday, Dec. 22]. It really is sad. Joel and I were very close since I moved to Edgewater in 1963. I was 13 and Joel was 12 when we met. I will miss him alot. 
Richie   [email protected]

Maureen DeCanio (Huston) writes:

Long time resident, Eileen DeCanio passed away on Saturday, December 6, 2008.
She is survived by her husband, Jerome, children, Eileen (Salimbene), wife of Tony Salimbene of the Legion, Maureen (Huston), Jerome, and Philip and grandchildren Jennifer and Jeremy.

Thanks again,
Maureen Huston

Maureen DeCanio Huston       [email protected]

Barbara Wakefield (Archambault) writes:

Hi Craig,
My name is Barbara Archambault (
Wakefield).  I grew up in Edgewater and believe it or not I still live in Alden Park (24 Alden) with my husband Jerry Archambault.  My parents Eddie and Eleanor Wakefield lived at 115-B all their married life.  They were also part of the Alley Cat group (Zapkas, Greenes, Hyla and John Knox, the Ritters and more). 
My sisters are Eleanor Wakefield (Souls) and Linda Wakefield (O'Brien) both live in Yorktown Heights, NY
Growing up in Edgewater was the most amazing time of my life.  Your website of course brings  back all those memories of my youth.  My best friends were Belle Halpin, Fran Manerly, Carol Kuhn, Arline DiMarzo (Ryff), Maureen Cahill and too many to mention.  My sister Eleanor was best friends with Elsbet Braren (Wallace), Irene Humbert, Virginia Bekassy, Pat Tanner and many others.  Linda was best friends with Lucille Jenkins (Miazka) Billy Zapka, Pat Dunphy (Gamble) Irene Hufnagel and others.  Everyone in Edgewater knew everyone.  To say that you had best friends is an understatement.  You were friends with everyone.
We own a home in Stuart Florida and spend the winters down south.  While we are there we visit with your sister Arlene and her husband Bruce.  Bruce and Jerry were in the Navy together and have been friends ever since.  At least once a year we meet for lunch with other Edgewater old timers.  Specifically, Jim Cerasoli, Elsbet and John Wallace, Belle Halpin (Reilly) and Marty Reilly. Pat and Richie Feighan, Warren and Susan Cheeseman,  Pat Keane, Matty Meagh and Marie, Jack Konklin, etc.
Your website is great fun and keeps me up-to-date on many old friends.  I wish more of them would send you notes and photos.  You do an incredible job and I know that everyone appreciates it.

You mentioned in one of your emails to let you the names of our children.  We have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.  Michelle Schaefer (Archambault) is the oldest, Jerry Archambault (middle child) and Denise Calio (Archambault) is the youngest and lives near Orlando, Florida.  Michelle lives in Queens with her husband and 3 kids.  Jerry lives in 12 Alden Park with his wife Kelly and daughter Kiley.

 I asked Barbara about the Archambault/Archibald families...

You are correct about the "Archambault"/"Archibald" families.  There were two families and they hung around quite a bit.  One family consisted of Charlie, Judy, George and Jerry Archibald and my husband's family consisted of George, Jean and Jerry Archambault.  Archibalds lived at 69-D and the Archambaults lived at 121-C growing up.  This was confusing even today.  When they were kids Jerry Archambault hung out with George Archibald and Jerry Archibald hung out with George Archambault.  The two girls were Jean and Judy.  So... you can see how this has always been quite a confusing situation as well as an odd story. By the way, I remember your parents very well since my parents spent many evening socializing with your family. Will get back with more news.

 Regards and Thanks,
Barbara & Jerry    [email protected]

 Bronx Historian Bill Twomey writes:

Craig,   I thought I should jot down a few names for the People page while I have a few minutes  -- the painters are here so I'm sequestered in a small room upstairs out of their way.  I grew up in D Section and was friendly with Butch Gilchrist, Johnny Cahill, Rosemary and Jimmy Jordan, Billy Galm, Richie Horan, Niall McCabe, Charlie Moscatello, Kathy Weiss, Sandy Mankey, the Wezyks (Mike, Ted and Lucille), and many others.  Many names in this section of your website ring true to me as I worked for both the butcher and the candy store so saw everyone in the Park sooner or later.  Anna Wehr had the candy store when I worked there.  Some of the names mentioned that are very familiar to me are the Tanners, Louise Hakens, Tommy Miazga, Billy Zapka, John Donnelly, and many others.  Other names will come to me.  I moved out of the Park in my late teens but still have family there so visit quite often.  While roaming around Throggs Neck I occasionally come across some "blasts from the past" including Howie Burkhart, Eddie Lagenbauer, Johnny Bolger, Mark Sutter, et al.  I also have lunch with Mack (John McNamara Jr.) every now and then and he's really the one to tap into as he inherited his father's great memory.  I'll be seeing him later this month and I'm sure he'll have a few tales to tell.  He always does.  I'll try to dig up some more old photos for you and please let me know if any reunions are planned as it would be great to see some faces from the past.  Keep the memories coming.

I asked Bill about my sister-in-law Pat Meagh and her brother Jimmy. 

I know Jimmy Meagh was Patricia Meagh's brother. Pat Meagh was married to my brother Gary for awhile but who are Matty and Austin. Both cousins? Did they live on the D section waterfront? Do you know the house number?
Craig,   You're right about Jimmy and Patricia.  There was also an older brother named Austin (called Odie) and a younger sister, Josephine who married Jackie Gress.   I believe Odie was a cop.  Matty and Austin (also called Odie) were cousins and lived at 12-D (possibly 13 D but I think it was 12) on the waterfront.   Matty would be about 68 or 69 now and Odie a few years younger.  I recall that their father, also called Matt, played the fiddle (as a hobby) and would perform at local yard parties along with Mary Cahill who played the accordian.   The two elder Meagh brothers, Jim and Matt were total opposites in appearance.  Jim was shorter  and square and loved his tea, drinking it out of a bowl.  Matt was tall and thin.  Both had thick brogues.  Matt's wife was called Winnie (Winifred) and she was Scottish.  All nice people. 

Bill Twomey    

 Joann Spagna (Laquintana) writes:

I just want to say that i really enjoyed looking at your site.......thank you   it's brought back so many memories......

 When i opened up the part on the alley cats......the first picture with your mom -(i remember that summer)-- she is with Hila Knox (Elieen Green was bobby's mother) and the other Lady is my grandmother. (mildred Meehan) she was my mom (Joan Spagna) and my Aunt Lorraine Ritters mother........and the little boy you refer to is my brother Michael Spagna.....(My cousin Margie does not have a brother)--- by the way I'm Joann Spagna........i hung around with donna devlin after i moved upstate to west nyack......

  Thanks for the memories....


Joann Spagna Laquintana              [email protected]

Karen Larkin (O'Mara) writes:


I don’t know if we knew each other or not, I lived in B section near the Loreth’s and I think you were in the sea cadets with Jimmy and Michael.  My name is Karen Larkin O’Mara and I lived at 43-B, next door to Debby Sawyer for many years and then for a few years next to the candy store Mahoney’s.  I also went to St. Frances, graduated in 1972.

I would get a kick out of talking to Cookie Donnelly or Debby Sawyer or other people that I cannot believe are still around Edgewater again!

It brought tears to my eyes to see my dog, Sarge in this picture!  Thank you...

NEW PHOTO-Karen Larkin O’Mara     My e-mail address is:  [email protected]

Karen worked in television in the 60's doing toy commercials.

To see two of Karen's commercials from the 60's, click HERE.-Craig


Rose Hunton (McCarthy) writes:

Dear Craig,   My brother, Steven Hunton told me about your website a few months ago. It has stirred up many fond memories of Edgewater growing up: High tides coming up over the seawall. Labor Day races. Picnics on the grassy area near the beginning of the Park. Playing the glockenspeil in the band. And the forever sounds of children playing outdoors. We moved to Florida in 1984 and lived in several different areas here and never heard the sounds of children as we did in Edgewater. My kids and now my grandchildren have missed out!  There is no place like Edgewater. I really enjoyed the pictures you posted.  I know I have some pictures you might like somewhere and when I find them I will send them to you. Sorry to hear about Mrs. Nicolay's passing.  She was such a wonderful, special, unique, and kind lady.  She and her family are in our prayers. Now that I know of the website I will keep in touch.   


Rosemarie (Hunton) McCarthy.        [email protected]   

PS.   I have lived at several Edgewater addresses:  First at 17 Alden Park. Then at 44-D.  Then 40-B, and finally 11-D.     

 Al Burkhart writes:

Hi Craig.  I spoke to Bill Twomey last weekend via e-mail and he was going to cc you on the e-mail. 
Don't know whether he did or not. [He did-Craig]
Just in case he didn't, I just wanted to introduce myself as a former Edgewater resident. Lived there for 16 years until the family moved to
Schurz Avenue across the street from the Marina del Rey. My oldest brother Norman, moved into our house at 110-D.
I now live on
Staten Island where I have been since 1980.
I have some things that I would like to talk about, some "updates" and maybe some pictures if I can locate them.
Bill Twomey was a neighbor of my family in D-section where we lived a block up from him. I had three other brothers and a sister that all grew up in Edgewater. They were Norman (Norm), Diane, Howard (Howie), myself and my younger brother George.
You can add everyone to the Edgewater names with the above noted address. You also have my e-mail address.
From reading what you wrote it seems that you lived there the same time as I did but remained longer.
Well, as I said, I will add some more.  Love the site you created and the pictures.  I only have good memories of Edgewater. I really loved living there and never stop thinking of it.
Talk to you again soon.
P. S.  The Edgewater names show Ronny Anello my cousin. He lived at 89-D right across from us. There was also his three sisters, Lois, Marilyn and Janice. 

 When I forwarded an email about flying the flag on 9/11, an email sent to me by Mike and Ann (Malkin) Lynch he wrote:

Craig. My flags are always flying. Both the American flag and the POW flag. I am a Vietnam veteran from
1968 and lost some of my buddies over there. I also lost friends in the 9/11 attack and witnessed it just a
block away.

Hi Craig.  I told you before that I would get back to you about my early days growing up in Edgewater and today, election day 2008, I have put some of my thoughts and rememberances together. Even a few questions are thrown in.

  My three brothers (Norm, Howie and George), my sister Diane and myself, were all raised in Edgewater.  We lived at 110-D just down the road from Jimmy Shaw's house and the firehouse.  We lived right across the street from 89-D (The Anello's) my aunt and uncle (my mothers sister) and their son Ronnie and three daughters (Lois, Marilyn and Janice).  I had another aunt and uncle (my mother's brother) that lived in 86- D.  Talk about living close to your relatives.

  I remember that my oldest brother Norman was on the Edgewater baseball team.  Does anyone know anything about Edgewater having a baseball team at one time?  I'm pretty sure they played Silver Beach who I believe also had a team.

  We were very lucky in that we just walked down our street and there was the Edgewater baseball field with its enclosed backstop and ten foot high fencing along the 3rd base side to keep the balls out of Weir creek that ran alongside the ballfield.  When the ballfield was not being used we had lots of fun flying our kites.  I read in one of the locations on the website that some people remember flying their kites on top of the landfill that was placed there after they started building the bridge. We did the same, we used kite string that we bought in Harris' or used fishing poles.  I never really had much luck at kite flying.  All my kites were just "dive bombers."

  I remember (as others do) the D-section baseball field being filled with water after placing ashes from coal stoves around the field.  What was so unique about this ice skating rink that to us in Edgewater was better than Rockefeller Center, was that it lasted all winter back then.  How long would something like that last today if it even froze solid?  Global warming?  Did we ever think of something like that when we were growing up in Edgewater?

  I remember the freezing cold winters when we use to leap from iceberg to iceberg down at the beach trying to do so without getting wet or having the iceberg break and falling partially in the water.  I can remember walking out on the frozen ice quite far without any threat of the ice breaking.  We lost many a mooring for our boat when the ice picked it up and just dragged it breaking it loose from the chain.  In the spring, we had to drag the bottom to find our chain again which we fortunately did every year.

  I remember the football games we used to play on the field just across from the Square Club on the road leading in and out of Edgewater.  Some of the guys that I can remember playing football with were Jimmy Puvogel, Al Wakefield, Eddie McEvoy, Jackie O'Rourke. I do remember that we constantly got chased off the field by Jimmy and Richie Shaw every time they drove by and saw us having a good time (destroying the grass?).

  I remember the card games that were always taking place at the garage in the room behind the counter. It seemed that every time you needed to put "a few bucks" (can you remember) worth of gas in your six gallon gas can that you carried there, you always had to wait until the hand was played out before you got service. I remember buying my first bicycle speedometer from the modest supply of bicycle accessories that were sold in the garage. Maybe even a horn with the battery and pushbutton.  I remember being upset when the failed to put out the air hose so that I could fill my bicycle tires.  At least they didn't charge for the air.  It actually was "free."

  I remember watching many stickball games that took place behind the garage where the Barber shop was.  Guys would bat standing by the back wall of the garage and hit the ball towards the parking lot.  It was a great way to pass some time on a summer's day with one of Edgewater's many activities. Does anyone remember? 

  I remember having fun roller skating.  We would skate down the hill from Jimmy Shaw's house and you could build up a lot of speed.  Also we skated down the main road towards the Dance Hall as you could build up lots of speed there also.  Both these hills were also encellent for sledding when the winter snows came as well as the steep hill at the end of the last road in E-Section. 

Hi Craig. 

I have compiled some additional memories of my time growing-up in Edgewater Park.

I remember the many games that we used to play.  Some of these games are:

                Playing stoopball with my cousin Ronnie Anello.  If you didn’t have a stoop, well, you couldn’t play this game.  One of us, depending who was up at the time, would throw a Spaulding against the steps to the other who had to catch it to get an out.  If he missed it, it was a single.  We used my stoop at 110-D and hit across the street to my cousin’s house at 89-D.   We had very strict rules as to how the game was played.  If the ball was missed by the “fielder” it was a single.  If it was missed and hit the house and bounced off the house and caught, it was an out or if not caught it was a double.  A ball that hit the trim of the house and was caught was out but if missed was a triple.  And finally, a ball that went on to the roof but you ran into the yard and it was caught falling off the roof was an out but if missed was a home run.

                Another favorite pastime ball game was one that involved the Edgewater Dance Hall.  One person would toss the ball onto the roof (from the side in front of the stores).  The other player would have to catch the ball as it either” bounced” or “rolled” off the roof and try to catch it.  It always was not that easy.  There were a lot of stones and other debris thrown up on that roof over the years and the ball did not always roll off exactly where you expected it to as it sometimes hit something on the way down and changed direction.  You also had to reach out at times to catch the ball due to the cars that were parked next to the building.  Until someone caught the ball, the “thrower” kept throwing until the ball was caught by someone.

                We also played handball against the side of the Hardware Store across from the garage.

                Another game we played a lot of was “dodgeball.”

Then there were the water games we primarily played while swimming at “Fat” runway.

                One of the games was called “whoopee.”  This was a game whereby one person would take a small stick (about one inch long) and swim out from the runway about twenty feet.  He/she would then splash and kick to try to hide the stick and then swim away.  Those standing on the edge of the runway would look to see if they could see the stick.  If they did, they yelled “whoopee” and jumped into the water in an attempt to retrieve it.  However, by that time someone else may have spotted it and also dived in the water.  If nobody retrieved the stick, the same person repeated his attempt to hide the “whoopee” stick until somebody finally retrieved it.  After a while it got kind of tiring just reading water.  It definitely was fun.

                Another water game was “Red Rover.”  This was a game whereby one person swam out about twenty feet from the runway to tread water.  He/she called out someone standing on the runway “Red Rover, Red Rover, Let (whoever was selected) come over.” That individual had to dive into the water and try to out maneuver the other by getting passed without getting tagged.  If you got tagged, you then became the one to tread the water and call someone else to try to get passed you.  Both these games were common to “Fat” runway but I do not know if they were played on other runways along the beach area.  If someone is aware that they were also played by others, please let me know.

During the summertime, we in D section pretty well “hung-out” at “Fat” runway just about every single night.  The runway had a seating area attached to the bulkhead and this is where we listened to all the Top 40 tunes played by Cousin Brucie and Scott Muni on WABC; and B. Mitchel Reed (BMR) on WMCA.  At night, we also could tune our transistor radios to pick up some distant stations such as WKBW with Joey Reynolds in Buffalo, NY and WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Some of those that were there every night were Carol Baird (her sister married my oldest brother Norman), Cathy Georgio, Kenny Conners, Eddie McEvoy along with myself.                 

Al Burkhart   [email protected]

 Scott Pistorino writes:

Hello Craig,
  Wow.  It's sites like yours that make the internet a truly wonderful place!!!  My mother just sent me a picture of my Dad and two of his friends and at the bottom she put the link to your site.  I would like to update the caption on one of your pictures




Willy Kipp Donnellan      Oscar Northstrum      can't remember

Across from Stores '61- Photo Russell Brown.

The *can't remember* is my father Mariano (Rio) Pistorino.  My Mom told me that picture was taken shortly after he returned from coast guard boot camp back in 61.  Throughout the years I have heard my Mom and Dad tell many wonderful stories about Kipp and Oscar along with Bronx back in the day.  Edgewater/ da'Bronx must have been a wonderful place to grow up back then.

Thanks for you time
Scott Pistorino   


   Damon M. Rispoli writes:

My mother, Janet Rispoli at the time, had just opened "The Edgewater Stitchery" a year or two at most before the fire.  You can see the word "stitchery" in the sign over one of the stores.  She made hand-made clothing and did t-shirts with transfers, stitch-ons, or embroidery.  The only things I remember surviving the fire - if you can call it surviving - were some buttons and things that were stored in metal containers, and the ironing machine that put the transfers onto t-shirts.  I was far too young to remember much else. 

We lived in C section from about 1973 until 1983.  Hope this helps some.

[email protected]

Ken Cullen writes:

Yes, I recall the good times I was there from 1963-1973. The McCabe's, McArdles, Joe Kasper at 147-B, Michael Powers next door to me in B-section, as well as several others. The races down at the E-section ball field. I remember when the Stores went down in 1979 in the fire and all the punch ball games behind the stores. Bluebird bakery, Braran's Deli, Harris’ Store and the Hardware Store were awesome memories. It was a great time in my life, when I left we went over by Throgg's Neck Little League and then I moved out east. Good luck and send some more photos!!

Kenneth Cullen  [email protected]

 Ken Kelich writes:

Craig , I grew up in edgewater pk my name is kenny kelich , i recently have connected with some of the kids my age that are still there , damn i miss that place  . we lived in 35-D , my sister laura kelich was one of regina's best friends , thanks to your web site they have reconnected  , also by rothers name was wayne kelich , yes he's still alive but he changed his name . If you could please post my name and email ,  that would be great . My sister and I will be going thru my mothers picture soon , she has alot of great ones of the park from the late 60s and 70s when we where there , and some footage on the old silent 8mm . we all ended up in florida , i moved back to brklyn a yr and a half ago . hope to hear back from you . kenny   [email protected]

 Debbie Fitzsimmons (Burke) writes:

Dear Craig, After Fran (Longo) had nagged me enough I thought I would finally write you.  I hope this note finds you in better health.  In the year of 2005 my husband and I bought your brother's old house at 35-B, and now I am working on buying a get away place in upstate New York. My husband has since passed away, but that's a story for another time. It's so nice to read about old folk that we have grown up with. I just got back from Holiday and just checking out the e-mails and with Fran in town again I am very busy this Labor Day. I have some great photos and will scan them to you soon. My Daughter, Linda Johansen Carpenter is now 35 years old, married for 3 years and living in 179-C.  No Grandchildren yet.  Keep up the great work, since your web site I have heard from so many of the old gang and have met with a few of them already, so thank you for all your hard work.  Debbi (Fitzsimmons) Burke.  [email protected]

Fran Longo (Roff) writes:

It’s so cool to see my house [66-A]. My  92 year old Mom Anna still lives in the house. My dad Edmund died Feb 25, 1993- 2 days before his 83rd birthday. My brother Joe and his wife Maryann still live at 3087 Eger Place-down by the Maritime college. His son, Michael, was married to Pam on my son Jason’s 33rd birthday on Oct 28, 2007. His daughter, Christina, married a Fireman named Dave Vormittag on July 21, 2006. I have a beautiful great niece named Jessica Rose-born Dec 4th, 2006. She looks exactly like her Mom, the same face that Tina (Christina)  had when she was born. 

 John & Cheryl Steel writes:

Really enjoy reading the site....We have lived here only since 1981... New comers..but have been very involved with community, not as much last 5 years or so...I have many emails addresses from other Edgewaterites..

Cheryl Steel  101-C   [email protected]

  John Steel  101-C   [email protected]

Debby Sawyer writes:

Good Morning,
Ginny's husbands name is Jesse Feliciano. Robin's married name is Irizarry. Buffie's married name is White, and her husbands name is Greg. We grew up in 44-b. Moms name is Tammie, and if you remember dad's names was Leonard, although everyone called him Buzzy. Buffie is sending me a picture today, will pass it on. I saw your daughter 2 yrs ago, she looked fantastic, and was doing well. She has a kind and warm heart. I was having a rough time, I was getting divorced, and fighting a alcohol, and drug addiction. Jackie saw me walking, crying, and came home with me, and sat with me for awhile as we reminisced. As a side note, I am now divorced, clean, and sober, and I bought Mr. Mccormack out, so I have my house. What a difference two years makes. Ginny and I will be sending on those pics soon. Thanks for responding, I hope you're well. You look great. Keep up the fantastic work.
Have a good day,
Debby  [email protected]

Mike Lynch writes:  

Craig, your memory is better than mine. I had forgotten all about Ace Sunoco [our little League Team, I was left field-Craig]. I was a catcher. Ann [Malkin] and I live in New City, N.Y., she's an R.N. and I'm a crane operator for New York City. There are some pictures of her dad's boat just got to dig them out. We just recently bought a sail boat for Ann (30 foot Hunter) she's the captain, I don't have a clue. So I get to be the crew. Got to run now, stay in touch. Mike.   [email protected]

 John Donnelly writes:

Hey Craig, Thanks for responding, I'm really thrilled with your page. It's about all the good things we all shared as we grew up in turbulent times. That’s why they call them the good old days. As for Annie and Ruthie, the last name is Kares. Their Mom and my aunt's name is Kathleen, but we all call her Midge or Aunt Ha Ha. I still get up to Edgewater 4 or 5 times a year. We all meet at my aunt's house, She was married to Nick, remember him? With the blue ‘64 Vette [actually it was a ’67 with a 427 cube 390 horse big block that he sold to John Krause Jr. (Cool Breeze)-Craig]. Nick died a while back after a hernia operation. My Aunt still lives there in 20-D, next door to Tommy Walkentine and Patricia (Donovan). I'll have some time over the weekend to look for some old photos and I'll send one of me and Ronnie then and now. She lives just a few blocks from me and gets along great with my wife as we all share in taking care of one of my Grandsons. When I get some time (soon) I'll right up a commentary of remembrances for your page. I hope all remains well with you and all my (times of my life) old friends. May God bless you. John.   [email protected]

 Anthony Chiusano (Chio) writes:

How the fuck are you bro? I cannot believe this web-site. I don't know where to begin to tell you the memories that you just brought back into my burnt out mind. I saw Scotty last week, as you know, and I am so glad that he gave you my e-mail adress. I can't type so I do the one finger boogie. A lot of the photos I had got destroyed in the flood of ‘92. The rest I don't know where they are. If I find any I will mail them to you. I bought a nice house in Mamaroneck. I got a ‘06 ultra classic, a ‘92 v-12 Jaguar, and a ‘57 Porsche Speedster which I have all taken to Edgewater to show off.  It is so good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well. O.K. brother, see you later. Write me back to let me know how you are doing. The site is out of this world. If you want to list my e-mail address and full name you can. Thanks bro. Anthony (Chio) Chiusano  153-C E.W.P.. CHIO   [email protected]

 Denise Meyer writes:

Thank you so much. On January 9, 2004 we brought my Mother back to Edgewater. She was dying from lung cancer and wanted to see Edgewater where she (in 59B), my Sister (in 80B), me (across from 33A--I forget the house number but it was an apartment upstairs from the Russ's?? I believe), and my Brother (in 33A) were all born. We had a great time of reminiscing and she was all smiles. It was a good time. Then Feb. 2nd, 2005 she passed away. We were so thankful that we got her there. The people in Hospice were all taking about her because on Jan. 8th, 2004 she had her 5th heart attack but still wanted to go to Edgewater the next day.

My family on Long Island still goes back to Edgewater every once in a while. It was a great place to grow up. The beach was great; and in the winter I remember sledding down the main street and ice skating in the parking lot near the stores. Of course the stores were a big part of our lives. Buying candy at the candy store; getting an orange drink and big pretzel at the grocery store before getting the bus to go to school.
OK, I'll stop reminiscing and let you get back to work.
Again, thank you for keeping everything up on this site.
Denise Meyer  
[email protected]

  Lisa King (Mendosa) writes:  

My mother and father moved to Edgewater in 1961. I was 1 yrs old and we
lived there 'till 1972 when we moved to
California. I lived at 109-B, next door
to the Gibbons family. Kathy and I were best friends, we had such good

times and I can't believe they still have the races.  
Let my give you my info and you can put it up on your site.
Sam King was my dad, Margaret (Peggy) King was my mom,
Lisa King me, Kenneth (Kenny) King, And Michael (Mike) King was my brothers. 

Thanks for this site and I will keep in touch and I will look for any pictures
I have and send them to you.  
Thanks so much.

Lisa Mendoza aka King 

  Bobby Bello (Harpo) writes:

This is a great site Craig. I got it from Judy Stern (Crowe) back in May of 2008. It sure brings back alot of memories. Can't wait to see what else is added.
From right out of the 1960's:
Bobby Bello, alias Harpo 

   Richie Begasse writes:

Hey Craig. Your site is great. Let's see... I moved to Alden Park in July '63. Right after the old mansion burned down. After 45 yrs I am still here. Living at 2-B for the last 40 yrs. 1 child named Michael, age now 39. One grandson named Michael, now 18 and two ex-wives. I still have the house on the beach though. Lol. I plan on moving in the near future. Maybe to Florida. My parents are down there. Yes, they're still alive. My brother Bobby is now married and lives in Alabama. My sister Lou Ann is married for the second time and lives in Fla. And my youngest sibling Raymond lives with my Mom and Dad in Boynton Beach. I have a lot of great memories of Edgewater Park and the many unique characters I grew up with. This place is one of a kind. I will miss it when I finally move. I will be 59 in August and it's time to retire. Lol. Lou and Ann Begasse, my parents , lived in 22 Alden Park for about 20 yrs. Bye now. Lol. Take care Craig.

When I forwarded an email about flying the flag on 9/11, an email sent to me by Mike and Ann (Malkin) Lynch he wrote:

  My flag has been flying every day since Sept. 11th. I have gone through several flags due to the bad weather and wind on the waterfront. When the flag gets weather beaten I replace it with a new one.


Rita Burns (Jennings) writes:  

 You don't remember me as I never lived in Edgewater, but was going out with a guy there for about 4 years Jimmy Heaphy. Very good friends with Winky Becker....and spent some time down in Clearwater Florida with
Eddie and Nancy Woods.  Went to school with Patty Lou.... The reason I am writing is that my dad is buried in St. Raymonds, about two rows back from your family.  Everytime I go there, I see your family's stone on the
corner and think about you.  Glad to see your doing well.......and thanks for all those great memories. Back in
the early 70's I had the pleasure to spend some time with Eddie and Nancy in Clearwater.  Two finer people you couldn't have met, they opened their house to all who came down, even when they were building a family of their own. Bronx forever. Jimmy is in Escondido California  and I actually called him today to tell him about your site, I believe he'll be logging in soon.  Winky, last I heard was in Patterson New York which is in Putnam County....I am about 20 miles from him.  Your site is wonderful, it shows a tremendous amount of work........which I think is well appreciated.  You can post whatever you like.....God Bless....Rita Burns Jennings: [email protected] 

Elyse Farrell (Hejny) writes:

Hi I'm Elyse,
Do you remember me??? I am going out with my kids to the store right now, but I WILL write you back later on today. I found your site for Edgewater from an email I just got from Pat O'Neill. I was Nancy's best friend...and Eddy's best friend. :) I miss the good 'ole days...and so many of you all. I hung out with Frannie, Debbie, Susan? Oh gosh, such memories...bye for now.

Love and Big ole hugs,

Elyse (Farrell) Hejny [email protected]

 Margo McGinty writes:

Hey Craig,
My name is Margo McGinty and I just received your website, just wanted to say thanks for bringing back so many great memories (some sad ones too).

My Mom, Jacqueline McGinty, is still at 129-C, and I am in my Grandparents house at 128-C. My grandparents were Ed and Marge Goss.  Please keep up the good work!!!

[email protected]

  Jim Doherty writes about the Boat Yard:

Thank you for putting together the Edgewater Park Website.  Although I never lived there my family had a
boat at the boatyard which we worked to restore from 64 to 67.  I would go there every weekend from
April through August to work on the boat.  It was an old WW2 Air sea rescue boat from an aircraft carrier
in the Pacific.  The things I remember most about the boatyard were the old WW2 landingcraft that was
beached right next to the railway tracks that were used to launch & pull out boats as well as the old work
barge.  The yard was owned by 2 guys who worked at night at the Wonderbread factory.  One was named
Paul [Zapka] and he and his wife were there prettymuch all the time.  I think the other guy's name was Al but I am
not sure.
I would be really interested to see any pictures anyone might have of the boatyard from 1060 on.  Do you
know when the yard closed? [Mid 80's] What happened to it? [Plowed under-Craig]
Again, thank you for putting the website together.
Jim Doherty Email is: [email protected]

Diane Young (Santamorena) writes:

Hi, my name is Diane Santamorena. Otherwise known as Diane Young.
Yeah, 22 years next to Eugene Walsh! I lived there with my Mother and Father,
they separated when I was 15 and he moved up to Pennsylvania. My mother was good friends with Debbie
McCormack (Sawyer) for a long time.  Thank you regarding my
mother, she had End Term Emphysema, she actually had it since I was 11 or 12, When I was 12 I was
attacked by a Rottweiler from Alden Park and she came running around the hill by Port Attis and I
remember thinking holy shit shes at any rate, I got married July 2, 2006, she moved down to
Arkansas with my 2 older sisters July 28, 2006, and I knew that the next time I would see her would be at
her funeral unfortunately, but for her to move down there it was her last adventure in life, she had great
grand kids she never saw, so I'm happy that she was able to do that one last trip.  Then once again she
went in to the hospital, for me I just thought it was another routine visit like it had been for the past 2
years, but I was wrong, then my sister called me at about 3:15 am June 10th, and told me that Mommy was
taking a turn for the worse, then i got a call 15 minutes later from my other sister telling me that she
passed.   I didnt think that she was in that bad of shape that she would die, I mean don't get me wrong, I
knew that she was sick and that her death was expected but not that soon.  But she's in a better place
now, she can breath, drive 18 wheelers, fly planes, all the things she always wanted to do!!  Bo is an
awesome guy! I am so happy with him!! Actually 50 pounds happier!  lol....But we are very happy together,
we both have the same things in common so its great!   Thank You for asking!  I wish I had more
information about Billy Murray [who died] but I'm actually dying to know what happened to him, I know that they
recently (within the last 2 years) diagnosed him with I don't know if that had an affect on him.  

But I will end here, I know i wrote alot!   Talk to you soon!!!!!!

Diane  [email protected]


Billy Nicolay writes on Sat., Jan. 19, '08

Hi Craig,

Just returned from my trip to NYC. Mom passed away last Thursday. Good news was I got to see a lot of old friends. They were there to give their support and love as only "Edgewaterians" can. My deepest appreciation to everyone who showed up especially Edgewater's finest! The volunteers both men and women of the EPVFD.

God Bless Edgewater!

 Cathy Mahoney writes:

Hey Craig,    It's Cathy Mahoney, My god it's been a long time since I last seen you around here.  I love the web site. Your nephew Guy told about it not too long ago.   Wow, when I was reading and looking at some of the stories they brought tears and a lot of laughs. The Candy store was Irene's Sweet Shop and my Mom & Dad (Bill) that nut that he was, bought the store in July of 1967 ‘till Aug 31st, 1972. The address to my Mom's candy store  3 Centre E.W.P.  They called Billy Archie back then. Jayne, I don't recall having a nickname for her myself. All the older teenagers just picked on  and then their was my younger brother Christopher.  Well as you know Billy and Sissy are still together and they have a Grandson now. Their oldest daughter Lynn Marie Mahoney Lanzilli. And then their younger daughter Donna Marie still lives at home with them.  As you must of heard, Billy had a heart attack. He went down a long road there for awhile. but he coming along.  Sissy is still Sissy (Donnelly).  I can remember when Lynn & Donna was young Patti Lou use to call them the Wieners Sisters lol. I'm sure that you must of heard that my sister Jayne passed away; On Oct 26th 2003 in Calavery Hospital from cancer. Me, I’m hanging in there I think I’m still the same old me. You remember any stories of father and all the teenagers?  they made him nuts. I Just wanted to touch base with you and see how your doing yourself?   Write me back if you think I can  share any stories from the Labor Day races, dance awards, all kinds of stuff. As for me going to turn 50 in April. I have 2 daughters; Barbara will  turn 32 in Feb, and my youngest, Danielle, just turned 21 on Aug. 31st. And  that I'm Grandmother of 5 children. Barbara, she was the best birth control for my youngest daughter Danielle. I’m still living in the buildings in the lobby. I have 3 Granddaughters & 2 Grandsons. Their ages are 10 on Feb 2nd, Her name is Reyna, Justin was 6 in Oct, Jose turned 5 in Aug, Jayleen turned 4 in July and last and final is Nesia whom just turned 18 months on Aug 23rd,  She was born on my Mom & Dad’s anniversary. Also my married name is Horonzy.  Well I'm going to end this and get back to me when you can, and have the time......

      Well it sure good to read something's I didn't know about E.W.P.   Let me ask you if you remember the Carr's? They rented the brick house at 7E. They lived there when George Gowers, Pinky, Johnny Bolger and that crowed hung out around the stores?   There was Trica, Rayfield, Barbara, Denise and the baby was David.  They moved up to Croton on the Hudson. If you want you can update the marriages names.  Take care and hope I have a few stories for the web for you.  Like on and what my Dad rigged the pool table, and some other things that would make everyone remember us having the Candy Store. Love always and keep in touch too!             

Cathy Mahoney Horonzy, 280 Longstreet Ave.  In the buildings Email is:[email protected]

Cathy Mahoney wrote back:

Hey Craig,    It was really good to hear from you. By the way you can update my marriage name. It's Horonzy. I have 2 daughters named Barbara; she just turned 32 and has 5 children and then there's Danielle she 21 and no kids.  Oh by the way the Candy store address was 3 Centre e.w.p.     I thought that you had heard about Jayne.  and you heard that my Dad [Bill Mahoney Sr.] died as well. It was July19th 2002. And yes Jayne's husbands name was Tony and did work for Con Edison.    You have a really good memory. Tony was rapping and rhyming before Rap came to be.  He could have been a big Rapper if he only knew ...loll.  I can remember that there was the time that we had the pool table in the store and the teenagers use to put there arm up where all the balls came down. And he figured that he would stop them and put a double edge razor up there and they would cut their fingers and that ended that...  The man was so smart that he was crazy......  If I think of any other stories which I'm sure I will I will let you know.   I thought that what you wrote about Eddie Woods was a great tribute to him and his memory and your friendship which I know first hand you guys where that for sure.  I think it's great web site.   When I asked you if you remember the family, the Carr's, that was my mother's sister and her husband Ray Sr.,  they moved from Edgewater to Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y. like 41 years ago...   Take care and write back when you have a chance, I hope that your feeling better too..    I don't know if you heard that my husband suffered a heart attack he had 100 % blockage in the left side of the heart and the put a stent.  And then last March they installed a pacemaker/defibrillator. Due to the left side was beating too slow and he would sit and fall asleep and the right side of the heart was beating too fast so St. Jude came out with this 2 in 1 implant. That was a very scary feeling not knowing if he was going to live or possibly die if he didn't have this implant done.  I'm going to cut this short now due to I have to get up early tomorrow and get something.  Were sitting here waiting to hear if and when they are going to give Donald his S.S.D.I.  He’s been paying taxes since he was 16 and had his heart attack at the age of 48.  Waiting to hear from a review board.  They turned him down in just 4 months the first time and I put in for an appeal, not to mention that he suffered mini strokes before and after his heart attack which in May he had a mini stroke and it brought on seizers now too. Give me a call anytime, not a problem at all. Take care. Love, Cathy Mahoney
Email address: [email protected]

 Jane Hayes (Dowd) writes:

Hello Craig,

I just came across your website; what a great trip into the past. My name is Jane (Hayes) Dowd and my family lived in Edgewater Park in the 50's.  Thanks so much for all your hard work and for sharing it with the rest of us; I will also mail several pictures to you.  Some are just to show the background houses or beaches and may be duplicates of ones you already have; I have identified the non-family folks as best as I could.  
My family, the Hayes', moved to Edgewater in 1948; we rented the house at 41D until about 1949/50 then rented at 165C apx 1950-1951; we then bought the house at 66A in 1951; we relocated to the Boston area in Sept 1960 and sold the house to the Longo family.  My parents were Jim Hayes (1914-1978) and Gladys (1917-2002); my siblings were Ed, Gerry, Denis (1951-1975) and Patricia.

In D-section we lived next to Tom and Jane McKenna with their 3 children: Jane,
Florence and Tommy; they moved to Richland, NY in the early 50's.  I remember, from D-section, Cathy Twomey, Louise and Ralphie Hakans, their mother Muriel and her sister Bernadette Reese(?).  In A-section some of our neighbors were Donna Mae Patterson (65A) who moved in with her family about 1955, the Jackson's in 67A, Dougie McCord in 68A and I think the Lundy's in 69A (the last house at the gate next to Campbell's; at that time, the Campbell's had 2 small children, Monica and Edward).  I don't remember who lived across from the Lundy's and against Campbell's property but next to that house was a Haggerty family with several children; then John and Beatrice Moon, then their relatives the Fiahan's (spelling? - I believe Richard and Mary) and their children Sally and Richard; Sally married Eddie Enright from A section); next to Fiahan's lived a young boy, Timmy Kileen and after that was another young boy named Carmine Brilli, then Allan Snyder (not Schneider) and his mom (before Al moved in the Klinger's lived in this house (Karen and her sister Barbara), I don't remember who lived in the corner house; across the street (B-sect) was the Wakefield's, Ed and Eleanor (I believe she was a DeCanio and her mother used to babysit us) and their daughters Eleanor, Barbara and Linda; behind us on the last block before the A-sect parking lot was a Noble family, next to them were the Prendergast's and in the corner house used to be the Milik's and their 2 daughter's Jean and Joan.  Mr. Milik was a chiropractor and had an office on the first floor.  The patient entrance was the side door under the stairs.  On the other side of the street were the Meyer's (Larry and Bobby - I saw Larry in abt 1968; he was in the navy and was at the Charlestown Navy Yard (Boston) and visited us when we lived in Melrose, MA) and the Mertz's. 
We attended
St. Frances de Chantal School.  I remember Edgewater as a great place to grow up; even the other adult residents in the park watched over you.  I remember the slide and diving board at Big Oak; the great jetty's; taking tap dance lessons from Dave Dunn from C section and having to show our stuff, as the "Dunnettes"!, at St. Frances de Chantal's 'Irish Night' show; being in the All Girls band (I played the fife (first metal then wooden), which I requested from the fife instructor when we moved and which I still own; it still plays the scale but, for some reason, it can no longer play the songs..!); the Labor Day races with the hit tunes of the day playing over the 'loud' speakers; those tunes could be heard on the other side of B-sect; walking home from  school through the swamp on Miles Ave; at St. Frances the girls had to wear nylon stockings in the 7th-8th grade and some of the girls used to put eyebrow pencil on the back of their legs to represent the seam in the stockings! I think Betty Fink started that and we all believed that the nuns never knew the difference; does anyone remember the "Fordham Baldies" from the mid-50's?
Some of the kids I recall from the 50's are: Karen and Barbara Klinger, Ronnie and his sister Lois Anello, and Austin Meagh from D-sect.; Mr. and Mrs. Marsh who lived in the corner house, B- sect., next door to Charlie, Guido and Phylicia Moscatello, and their granddaughter Susan Strack who visited every summer; Pat, Barbara and Rayfield Carr and Gracie Halpin from E-section; Marianne and Jackie McGinty (we had a dog, Skippy, which I got from their Aunt Mildred in 1955; Skippy was with us until 1969), Jacque Tanner, and Christine Annesi from C-sect; Betty Weiss from A-sect; Marianne and Tommy Lozitto and their cousin, Margie O'Leary, from Alden Park; John and Hank Cerasoli from Miles Ave; 
I recall that the lot of land just outside A-sect gate (end of my street), which led to the Campbell's and the block of stores (Cahill's, Gambino's and a veg market), was called "Sher-rock" forest and the lot on the other side of the path at A-sect parking lot, in back of the garages, was called "Sherwood" forest because that was an actual forest!
There are lots of good memories and you've brought many of them back for me.  Your site is very much appreciated. 
[email protected]

Alyce Banker (Bansley) writes:

OMG how times have changed. This is Alyce Banker-Bansley
Your website is great! My sister Ann Banker-Spencer turned me on to it. Well done. I was back in Edgewater for Labor day of '06. I saw people I haven't seen in 33 yrs, Nancy Attis, Sissy, Brenden, some of the Flanagan girls. I ran into Kenny Hooks at my brother's store. It was so good to see everyone. I was shocked to learn of Maggie's passing. We lost touch after we moved. Donna Petrillo, Maggie and I were tight for a few yrs.
I have a few pic you might like to see I will try and send them thru e-mail (not too good on here) if not I will mail them. Mike Purdy, Steve Hunton, Robert V, Bees, Russell, and Donna. Taken in '76.
I having been living in Fl for 33 yrs. We live in the woods and love it. Lots of wildlife. Nobody can see us. I have a great husband and he came with a Harley!! In fact we went on a Poker Run Sat., the weather was great. John (hubby) and I manage a ceramic tile dist. in central Fla.
Talk about a small world; Billy Nicolay came in one day to purchase tile. I didn't know who he was until I asked where in NY did he came from he said the Bronx...I said me too.....He said Edgewater, I then said who are you? He said Nicolay, I said Mary's brother? LOL
Had a few older folks from Edgewater come to purchase tile from us. Can't remember all their names. One that comes to mind was Jerry Archibald. Before we moved to Edgewater we lived on Brook Ave, this guy comes in with his wife and we start talking. I asked where they are from. He said he was from Brook Ave....come to find out his first girlfriend was my older sister Ann. We are talking about the late 50's. Take care-[email protected]

Annmarie Banker (Spencer)writes:

Hi Craig, I remember you hanging in Peter's yard. I live across the alley from Peter's at 164C. Sometimes I use to say, guys can you keep it down a little, my kids are sleeping lol, but you did. I do miss Rota. She use to ask my husband to fix things for her. The last time I saw Peter he was up for a visit with a girl [Holly Bugge Reiss] and I think she had two kids [Eric and Holly]. He introduced me to her. That's the last time I saw him and Rota told me what happened. I felt so bad for her.
I couldn't wait to send this site to my sister Alyce. When I saw Maggie's picture I remembered her in my house with Alyce. Kenny Attis lived across the street from us so it was good to see him. I have been coming to the site for awhile. My brother Kenny gave it to me. I sent it to Alyce, now I will tell Jeanne. Well Craig, you did a great job. I enjoy it so much. Love checking it out to see what's new. Thanks. Annmarie (Banker) Spencer- Pollie[email protected]



Jennifer Correa writes:

Hi Craig,
My name is Jennifer Roselli (Correa).  I am the youngest of the Correa's that lived at 29-C. My cousin Denise Gralton told me about your website...and it is fantastic!  I just loved looking at all the pictures and seeing all of those familiar names.  I was born in 1975 and spent my whole life in Edgewater until moving out in 1999 when I got married.  I now live in Arizona. My brother Sal (the oldest) lives in Middletown, NY with his wife Janet Krause (who also grew up in Edgewater).  My sister Linda lives in Florida with her husband Tommy Demonica (also from Edgewater), and my other sister Jan lives in Connecticut.  My sisters Debbie and Patty both live in Dutchess County as does my mom Alice. Unfortunately we lost our dad in 1998. Our house had burned down when I was about 10 years old and we don't have many pictures from when we were growing up, so seeing some of your photos really brought back great memories.  I try to explain to people what it was like growing up in Edgewater, but there are no words to describe it.  I had a great childhood, and wouldn't have changed a thing! Thanks again for all of your work!  [email protected]

Take care,

  Kristy Pecoroni writes:

I grew up in Edgewater Park and moved to Florida in 1996. My mother is Kathryn Gibbons (now Pecoroni). Her sister is Diane Gibbons (she was in one of the St. Frances pictures) My father is Joseph Pecoroni. We lived in 52 A for about 12 years and my mother grew up there with her parents John and Florence Gibbons. I really enjoyed looking through your web site. Thanks!!!
Kristy Repyneck (Pecoroni) [email protected]
Edgewater, Florida

    Ronnie Donnellan (Salinas) writes:

Hi Craig,

My name is Ronnie (Donnellan) Salinas. My brothers and I once lived at 134-C, but moved away in 1961. I had the opportunity to take my family to the Park for a visit. It was wonderful! I took a picture of my 20 year old son, Alex, sitting in the same spot my Dad, John Donnellan, sat in at the water's edge, all those years ago. It was quite moving for me. My brother Peter sent me your wonderful website, and I'm enjoying going through it slowly. We moved to California to live with my sister and her husband after Daddy died. Redondo Beach seemed like the other side of the universe back then. Once again, thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories. My 'big' brothers Joe, Willy (Kipp), and Peter will be better historians than I will be, so I'll let them know. I DO remember the ice skating pond! I also received some swimming medals, and fondly remember Labor Day festivities. When we were there last month, I asked my son what he thought of the place, and he said, "This must have been a cool place to grow up as kid!" Apparently, he was right!

[email protected]

Ronnie wrote back with pictures. See them on the NEIGHBORS page.

Enclosed please find a picture of my Dad, John Donnellan. He was an Irish immigrant born in 1905. He and my mother, Sarah (Mulligan), moved to 134-C in 1957. My mom died that year in November, leaving Daddy to care for me, Peter, William and Joe. He worked in the city at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and returned home every evening at 6 PM. My brothers, most especially Peter, had the responsibility of caring for me, (I was six), and the house, etc. while Daddy was at work. My Dad loved to sit in this spot many evenings, and would sometimes hold a fishing pole. Often I'd sit beside him and we'd leave as the sun was setting. To this day, I always say "Good night Daddy" when I see the sun going down. Daddy died in May of 1961 and that's when Peter and I moved to California. If you notice in the picture of me and my son, Alex, and in Dad's picture, there is the same rock in the water! Also, the light pole by the jetty behind him is still "listing" 46 years later. And notice the house in the background appears to have barely changed! Once again, thank you for your efforts. You have no idea how much this means to me and I'm sure many others.
Ronnie Donnellan Salinas from 134-C  


  I had asked Ronnie her Mother's name and she wrote back:


[My mother] Her name was Sarah Jane (Mulligan) Donnellan, Jennie for short. They had moved to Edgewater from Clason Point, where I was born. I believe the address was 1683 Lafayette Ave, or something like that. During our trip in June we also went to St. Raymond's to visit their graves. It was the day before Father's Day, and I was grateful to have the chance to bring them flowers. Roses for her for all the Mother's Day's I couldn't do it, and a bouquet for him and my brother Donald who actually was the first buried there. And then we went to St. Frances to see the Church, and I was astounded to see this modern building there where the old Church and School had been!! Talk about disappointed. I left the school at the end of 4th grade to move out here. But for years, and until Sr. Mary Bernard wrote me of her death, I kept in touch with Sr. Mary Callista! After she retired she went by her given name of 'Catherine', and she even made the Communion veil for one of my daughter's. I had the chance to visit with her in the early nineties, and it was such a great visit. Nuns truly DO remember everything!! She was my 3rd grade teacher, do you remember her? Take care my friend, Ronnie.

Ronnie  wrote:

Just when I think that I won't recognize another person on the website, a name from the past pops up. Jigsy O'Rourke was my friend and my neighbor. I still have a little religious medal of Mary that he gave me when I left the Bronx. I'm looking at it now, and remember what a sweet boy he was. God rest his soul.

He lived directly to the side of my place. he lived right next to the Coulter's (Ray). I don't recall who lived on the other side. I do still keep in touch with Jackie McGinty who lived at 129-C. I think her Mom still lives there.


Hello Craig,This is Peter Donnellan, Ronnie Salinas’ brother. Billy and sister Patricia Goldsmith still live at 62-B Edgewater Park. As mentioned the sisters name is Patricia and their older brother is Gerard. I believe the Father’s name was Herbert, but I am not certain.Thanks for doing such a wonderful job.

[email protected]

Donnie Fecher writes: 

Hi Craig      I was just looking thru your site at its amazing and brought back many memories.  My name is Donnie Fecher Jr.  I grew up in 155-C, right on the waterfront, across from Little Sandy. Two house away from Anthony Chiasano, one way, and two houses away from the Venturelli's, the other way.  My grandmother moved into Edgewater in the late 40's, to 84-C. From there she had 4 kids. Bobby, Don (dad), Arline and Dave Fecher.Bobby is dead, my dad still lives at 155-C, my aunt Arline lives at 84-C, my uncle Dave lives in St Augustine, FL, but comes back to Edgewater every June.   My crowd when I was there was, in the early 70's, we hung out at the O'Flannagan wall outside their house. The Sampsons, O’Flannagan's, Kenny Jackson.  Then I hung out at Eric Horn's stoop with the Kirkwoods, the Hostomskys, Anthony Chiasano, Mike Broderick, etc. The Nicolays used to babysit me and I've recently ran into some of them.       I left in '77 and joined the Navy. I stayed in until I retired and I still work as a Navy Instructor out at sea training them. It was an honor to grow up in Edgewater. My sister, Tammy Fecher, and I were raised there. I'm now 48 and live on the Jersey Shore. I'm lucky enough to be able to come back frequently.  Funny thing is, when my dad grew up in Edgewater in the 50's, he lived next to the Haggarty’s. I don't know if that rings a bell.  Well, I bought this house on the water here in Brick, NJ, which is very much like an Edgewater neighborhood.  Anyway a year later, a couple bought the house next to me and we became very close friends. About two years after that, we were all sitting outside on the deck talking about Labor Day plans, and I mentioned I was going to Edgewater to help out the EAA with the races. My neighbors then started asking me questions. Long story short, the wife's maiden name was Haggarty and she was born in Edgewater and lived there for a couple of years before moving out. So here I am, 50 years later, living in NJ, next to a Haggarty, like my dad did in Edgewater in the 1950's.  My mom, in Edgewater has many pics from the 70's. I'll scout some out and see what I come across. I was thinking of some other Edgewater people around that time and though I don't remember their addresses, they were there in the 70's; Billy, John (Doc), Dennis and Kathy Rafferty, Marty, Jimmy, Danny, Denise and Patty Kane, Billy Mooremile, Steve Hunton, the Devoy family, Larry McQuade, Don and Nancy Albin, Ida Stimmer, the Gerards, the Battista’s, Steve Mays, Sal Correa, the Flocks, the Perriginis, Pat McCabe, Margo McGinty, Joey Martz, the Umbergs, the Trisinskis (sp), Susan Golio, the Haggerty’s, Steve Hall, Kim and Billy Delsonno, Liana Lindsay, Joey Montalto, Kenny and Karen Coplas, the Finks, James and Fran Sampson, Deany ?, Bobby O'Neal. That some of the ones off the top off my head.   I did run into the son of the Bluebird Bakery guy about 5 years ago. His first name was Ross. He was working for the Navy also. I don't remember his last name though. I can jot down some address as I walk around Edgewater where some of these people used to live.    I haven't seen Kenny or Davey Dill for a long time. I'll check it out though. Their mom still lives in Edgewater near the Gerard's in C-section. I know you remember Jimmy Dill died back in the 70's or early 80's. Tammy, my sister, is down in Naples, FL with 4 children. I'll tell her. She'd love to come to this site. I go down a lot to visit her, my mother and brother, prior to going to the Keys with my wife Gotta go to the    Vicky, my stepmother has always been an important force in my life. She kinda kept me in line, though I was pain in the ass at 15, 16, and at 17, I knew it was time for me to go. My dad is Edgewater thru and thru. It seems whenever I go out there, he has a new fishing reel to catch stripers with. I ask him  where the heck he puts all of them. He is my idol though.  My grandmother Helen Fecher in 84-C, the matriarch, held everything together. I just went out Monday night, the 15th of Oct to toast her birthday. She's gone now 11 years but will never be forgotten in my life. She always did for everyone else before she did for herself.  I enjoyed the Navy, but I do regret leaving Edgewater at such a young age and not coming back. I've thought about it all these years, wondering if I'd do it all I left a lot of good friends and people behind.    I saw Billy Nicolay’s message. Man, I haven't talked to Billy in ages, though I knew he was in California. Me and Joey was helping out with the EAA back in the mid 90's and when we were done, we'd run up and get some murder  Dottie Nicolay just attended my mother's (in FL) 65th birthday.  Mom and Pop Nicolay, I last saw them about 3 years ago underneath their umbrella at E-Section ball field. Martha, Madeline and Mary were there too.       Some of those pics you have Craig, really floored me. The stores one especially. I left for the Navy and it burnt down while I was away, so that pic is the first time vie seen it since I left. Wow, I felt like climbing into the picture. We used to have chestnut fights there. Soak them in vinegar to harden them. What I wouldn't give to run around the store just once    Like I said, Vicky (step mom) has hundreds of pics. I just looked at some of them last year. I'll see if I can get permission to borrow some and scan them too you. I'll be in Edgewater tomorrow night. Gonna hit Tosca's restaurant, right across the street from the old Sebastian's bar.

    Take care Craig. Hey do you still play the guitar? That's one of my hobbies.

    I was reading thru the new items on the site and I came across the article regarding your Mom, Dad and brothers. I'm real sorry to hear that. This is the first time I'm hearing about it. My condolences. I came across another family that lived in Edgewater and they were the Rooney's at 237B. Mr.  Thomas Rooney
Mrs. Grace Rooney
Linda Rooney
Lorraine Rooney
Louise Rooney
Lillian Rooney
Lizabeth Rooney
Tommy Rooney Jr.



My email address is: [email protected]


 Joel Attis wrote:

My parents names are Martha and Stephen Attis. My mom was originally a Reith. We lived in 23C, 6A, 63D and 28 Alden. I have 3 brothers my sister Nancy you know. Stephen is the oldest then Gerald, Kenny, myself and Nancy. All the brothers worked in Schrafft's restaurant with my father until we knew enough to move on to easier more lucrative jobs. My brothers and sister are all in Florida now. Leaving me to hold down Port Attis in Edgewater Park da Bronx. I will try to give you more help with names and addresses in the Edge.

[email protected]


Elaine Johnston wrote:

Hi, Just thought I'd give you a few updates immediately.  Larry and Bobby MEYER (not Myer) lived in the house next to Manerly - which would make it 79 or 81.  Can't remember just how the numbers went.  My family and I lived in 73-A across the street.  We bought the house from the Noble family.   Our family were:  George Johnston; Elaine (myself); John O'Donnell (best friends with Dennis Farrelly and friends with Richie Miller, George Glock and Harry Tyler); Patricia (Tish) O'Donnell (best friends with Eileen (Crowe) Banker and with Patty Lake who also lived in B section); Scott Johnston and Arlene Johnston grew up in Edgewater until we moved..  My in-laws were Frank and Jeanette Junk in 152-C.  George's cousins were Lillian McIvor in 10D and Evelyn (Wallace) Thomas of D section.  Evelyn was married to Nick Thomas from the Park. Sorry not sure of house numbers after all these years.  We moved into Edgewater in July 1962 and left in 1975.More will follow.  I just love this site.
[email protected]

Elaine Johnston


   Louise Hakans wrote:

Louise Hakans wrote:  Ralph, Muriel, Louise, Ralphy, Patricia, Michael, Marlene, Linda & Barbara (twins) Hakans. All raised in 37-D. I was actually born in that house (1947). I left and moved to Florida in 1965 .  Some more names are: Liz Reith: 119-B, Bumper, Jimmy & Eleanor Grace: 31-D, Peggy & Billy Galm: 31-D, Cathy Twomey: 36-D, Cahill: 34-D,  Connors: 35-D , Bear: 38-D .  Add these names to your list please, are you looking for dates when people lived there?  Looking for photo's.  Someone mentioned a reunion I am all for it. Labor Day Weekend 2008. Great site you'll be hearing from me again soon.  

Louise Marie Hakans Donnelly Rhoades   [email protected]   (I live in Englewood, Florida now)


Linda Hakans wrote:

Hi, Craig My name is Linda ( Hakans ) Guara Address was 37-D.
Mother:Muriel, father:Ralph.
Kids:Oldest to Youngest.
*Louise Hakes now last name (Rhoades)
*Patricia  Hakans now (Chiovetta)
*Ralph Hakans
*Marlene Hakans (Krause)
*DonnaMae Hakans (deceased)
*Michael Hakans
*Barbara Hakans  (Anthony)
*Linda Hakans  (Guara)
*April Cox (Fields)
We are looking for pictures. Tell Regina hi, I remember good times with her and Susan.
Site is looking so good. e - mail [email protected] 

You can give it anyone who would like it. Nice job.


Linda Wakefield O'Brien told us about this website today and we are enjoying looking at it. I was Lucille Jenkins, 88-E and my sisters were Doris, Muriel and Joan. My mother Lu Jenkins was very friendly with your Mom. My husband Tommy Miazga, 107-B loved seeing his picture in his 55 Chevy. We moved to Mahopac, NY in 1972 and raised our two daughters there. We moved to Holiday, FL on the West Coast in 2004 and love it here. We love going to the beach as we were raised as Edgewater kids and always spent our summer at either Sandy Beach or Big Oak. I know I have pictures that I will be able to send you. Please add our names and addresses to your Edgewater Names. We have notified Billy Zapka, Jo Meagh Gress and Jack Gress, Russell Brown and Patsy Dunphy Gamble of your website. I also sent it to my sister Joan and Pat Gilchrist and Gene Lonergan. Keep up the good work.


Here are two pictures when Jo (Meagh) and Jack Gress visited us in November ['08]. We took them to our favorite beach, Honeymoon Island. We always loved the beach and continue that joy in our retirement.

Lucille & Tommy Miazga

Lucille and Tommy Miazga- E-email address is: [email protected]


 Denise Gralton wrote:
Hello, I don’t know if you remember me, my name is Denise Gralton. I am a  friend of Regina’s. I lived in A section, Next to the Maloney’s.   The website is great.  I have such great memories from Edgewater, I am friends with Mary Heaphy. She lived in A section and we have remained friends since we were around 5 years old. She is married now and lives in Long Island near her sister Kathy.  We always talk about  what a wonderful childhood we had growing up in Edgewater. I guess we weren’t the only ones who had great memories. I was sorry to here about Rickie Condon. We used to hang out with him. He was a really nice guy at that time. I haven’t seen him in years. Well thanks again, what a great job. I would like to get included on the email list, And yes [to answer your question] my Dad's name is John and My moms name was Joan, unfortunately my mom passed away 6 years ago.  My sister Janine lives in South Carolina now, and my Dad moved to Queens.  Thanks again for the website, it is really. My email address is: [email protected]


Ginger Liggio (Pardo) writes:

Hi Craig-
I just had to write to thank you for the Edgewater website and for bringing back all the great memories from my childhood. Wow---what a great site!!!
I also wanted to give you some info for the "Names" section. I am Ginger Liggio (now Pardo) and I lived at 77-B with my dad Blackie, mom Lorraine, brother Mickey, and sister Barbara (now Campbell) and my grandmother (Maizie Decker). The Pat and Patty Liggio on your list were not related to us and they lived in "C" section (I went to school with Pat Liggio) and there was another Liggio in "D" section which was my grandfather and my father's brother Tony Liggio. I live in Pembroke Pines, Florida and my sister Barbara lives in Port St Lucie, FL.
My mom also lives in Fl and she has some pictures that I am going to send some to you.
When I was going through the site, I saw my grandmother Maizie Decker marching with the Ladies Auxiliary and my sister Barbara holding a save our home sign.---Boy the memories!
Thanks again for the site and keep up the good work---Ginger Liggio (Pardo)
Ginger Liggio (Pardo) wrote back:
Hi Craig,
Sure you can put my stuff online and use my name and email address as well. Ginger Liggio (Pardo) at [email protected]Maybe an old friend or two will see me and want to get in touch. My sister Barbara said you can add hers too. She is [email protected].
I have a son and daughter who are both teachers. I met the most wonderful man last year and got remarried six months ago in Las Vegas. Oddly enough, my husband Joel was born and spent the first 10 years of his life in the Bronx--such a small world. I hope to take him to Edgewater to show him where we grew up--as he does not know that part of the Bronx. Well, I have to get back to work now, so take care and I will look for some pictures that you can use for your site. Keep up the great work--I think I can speak for the rest of the Edgerwaterites when I say thank you for doing this---Ginger Liggio Pardo 

  Patsy Tanner (Sullivan) writes:


Craig, Boy you really had me wracking my brain about Edgewater, I think your a good deal younger than I am, so some of my memories might be different than yours....Don't know if you remember the candy store  when 'Herman' owned it and he was  always chasing the kids out because we weren't spending enough money. He'd let us hang out as long as we were feeding the jukebox. Ice cream cones were 10 cents, a penny more if you wanted sprinkles, 35 cents for a banana split. Can you beleive it? Or do you remember Frankie Carroll and his band at the Labor Day Awards Dance , I was considered the "LINDY QUEEN" back then and always danced with Bobby Annesi (especially to Rock-around the clock) or do you remember the Krug's or Dugan's bakery delivery truck that came around with their delicious 'jelly donuts, jelly oozing out of them, so unlike what we get today. I remember going to the movies on Tremont Avenue with my girlfriends on a Friday night, none of us drove yet so we had to catch the bus in front of Harris' store. We would get home about 12:00 midnight, and the Baker's were baking their ware's for the next day and we could smell the delicious "crumb buns, jelly donuts and whatever wafting through the air, so we'd knock on the back door and ask for whatever they could give us, of course we had to pay for them...nothing was free, even back then. I do remember the kites in Harris' and the 10 cents comic books. (If only we knew how much they'd be worth today, we would have taken much better care of them, right.) God, I love these memories, we had great, great times. Very lucky, but too young to realize it. Don't think the kids have these great times today, unless they live in an  "Edgewater enviroment". Hopefully other people will have other memories and will forward them to you, it would be great. O.K, Craig, take care and I'm sure I'll remember other things and will e-mail you.

Patsy (Tanner) Sullivan says:

Hi, Craig. Wondering if you remember the 'Ragamuffin" parade on Thanksgiving? It was held up in front of Harris', in that area. We used to dress up in costumes and there would be a prize for the best costume. It was run by our Fire Department. They would have a big jar of coins that they would throw to all of us kids, you thought you were a millionaire if you got a quarter! Then I remember having beach parties and we would all bring a potato, (we would call them mickeys) and throw them in the fire. Delicious! I'm sure you remember the hurricanes we had in Edgewater, and swimming through the streets because the water would come over the bulkheads. We had a great time being kids, but the poor people who had flooded basements and a lot of things ruined....Unfortunately.
Craig, I don't have any pictures and don't know of anybody that might have any. I've lost touch with all of my old friends (life happens). My sister Linda suggested the Fire House might have them, she said they
had them all over the walls years ago. OK? As I remember things I'll forward them on to you and I'm sure you'll have other people doing the same. Do you remember Blackie Liggio, and the 'beach committee' cleaning Sandy beach every morning? I bet you Carol and Guy would remember a lot too. I'll call them and see what they can add to the mix, you really have me wracking my brain..


I asked Patsy about her parents and she wrote:

Hi Craig, 
My mother's maiden name was Edith Saegert, and my father's was Ted Tanner, I believe they were both born in the Bronx even though I'm not sure, my mother could have been born in Queens. They  lived in Mount Vernon before coming to the Park, and originally lived in a smaller house across the street from 71-C, but moved because us kids started coming along and we outgrew the house, and even though we outgrew that house, that's where we stayed. Our family was friendly with the Bekassy's for all of our time there, they moved to Jersey, and then I believe onto Texas we lost contact so I don't know where they are now. Then there was the Jenkin's, the Flynn's, the Mertz's, the Johnson's on the corner and of course Arline was on our block with her family. My sister Gina and I were in Edgewater on Thursday, we went to visit my brother Skip and Carol and Guy, we went out to lunch with Carol and then drove down to Westchester Square (what a change) even though some things looked familiar. Then of course we took a ride through Edgewater and were was great! Very, very nostalgic, even spoke to the man owns our old house, he's been there over 40 years, his name is Jim Walsh...we had a great time...Have you been there lately? ok. Craig anything you want to know and I can answer I'll be glad to do so....take care, Patsy.


Patsy (Tanner) Sullivan wrote:

Hi Craig, looking at the photo of good 'ole' stores, I'm picturing Jimmy Conklin standing on the corner there, he was there almost all the time, if you knew him you know he was blind, but he knew all the makes and models of every car that went by. It was amazing. Jimmy lived by the firehouse and in the middle of the block, he lived on the left side of the street. He had a brother, Jackie, and a sister, I don't remember her name. He was tall, thin, blonde and walked with a  cane, a cane that blind people use. We never knew how he could possibly know the makes and models of the cars, but he did. That would be around the late 50's and maybe into early 60's, if I'm recalling correctly. Possibly he wasn’t completely blind, but I always thought he was.  Patsy


Jacque Tanner (Levine) wrote:
Hey Craig, don't you remember the "Lagoon" between Alden Park and Bronx beach? We used to go clamming there. You could walk out in the water; it seemed forever and it would never get any deeper than your waist. And we would fill our little wooden dingy with clams and blue crabs. I still have a scar on one of my fingers from a crab or two! And how about Killie Rock? We thought that must have been the bigest rock in the world! I went back a few years ago, and thought the rock must have eroded from the water, or did I just get bigger? Now I know why our folks called them the good old days. How about the lot across from Cahill's candy store. We called it Sherwood Forest. We were forbidden to go in there, because there were all kinds of bad men, and wild animals in there (never did find anything more then a stream and poison ivy). I've lived in Las Vegas for the last 35 years, and still miss the old Edgewater. I'm lucky though, because of this fabulous thing called the internet, I am able to stay in touch with a few friends from Edgewater, and maybe with your website we could find more of our childhood friends. Keep up the good work! If and when I come across old pictures I will forward them to you.
[email protected]
Jacque Tanner (Levine) wrote back:

Hey Craig, I see the website is growing, that's great! I guess you are a bit younger than me, I remember Freedomland when it first opened (and what year was that?) Paul Anka was the star attraction! He kissed me and I thought I would die right there, my date wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the night. and the pictures at Killie Rock. The first family that I can recall that lived in 1-C were the Summo's, it was their summer home. I'm sure you were just kidding about renaming Killie Rock, that was "our rock"; the "crowd" from the late 50's and early 60's. In fact, that, I hope will be my final resting place. LOL, so you see I still consider it Home. The car "geru" in my day was Kenny Rust, now he had some cars, I remember his truck, he rebuilt it himself, and all the "girls" would ride in the bed of the truck, and then I think he had a car which he also rebuilt with a rumble seat!  I think he lived in Pennyfield [Camp]. I'm hoping that some people from "my day" would write in, where did everybody go? It really would be great to have an Edgewater reunion one day, don't you think? Take care of yourself, and I'm sure I'll be writing again, Jacque(Tanner)Levine

Jacque (Tanner) Levine wrote:

 Hey Craig, Thank's for the U-tube video, that was a big thing here a few years ago (static fires) so I was already aware of them. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but life happens!  I thought my sister's would know more about my parents then I do, but I guess not. All I remember is my mom told me that her and my dad met at a basketball game, and my dad worked for Con-Ed, since he was around 16, he started off as a meter reader, Edgewater was his route, and that’s how they found it. The girls band picture, the one on the right is Kay Sonnick, next to her is Betty Morstatt(I think) and the skinny one with her head down may be me! I even remember that parade because I got in trouble for missing Sunday school. I'm still looking for pictures, found a few, but they aren't very good, I'll keep looking. Take Care For Now, Jacque

John McNamara (Mack) wrote:


Good hearing from you. I'm not too good with the computer. I can e-mail and send scans of pictures. But how do I put your web site on my favorites list? I probably have some photos here of Edgewater and some of the people from younger days. You were at the opening of the bridge on Jan 12th 1961? Did you know that my dad and I were the first ones to go over it that morning? Unofficially? He slipped the night watchman a few bucks and off we went. The watchmen said "Please! Just get back before the dignitaries get here to cut the ribbon or It's my job!" We did! And I thought I'd get the day off but still had to go to school that day. I'm glad you had the oppurtunity to get to see him and sit down with him and share with him. This Oct 15th he will be gone 3 years, Seems like just the other day I was with him. Edgewater was a great place to grow up in. I never had a doorkey and when you went out to play you were told to make sure you came home when the street lights came on. Parents didn't seem to worry as to your whereabouts. Either you were down the beach or over in Sherwood Forest or hanging out by AJay's Candy Store or maybe up in the "A" section dead end parking lot shooting baskets or sitting on the benches. Or as we got older going up on the sand dunes and drinking beer on top of Echo Cave. And the summer was motorboats hanging out on Sandy Pier or Doggy Beach, water skiing up the Hutchinson River and stopping by Goose Island. I had a 14 Foot AllBright with a 1957 30 HP Mercury (The Boat Originally belonged to a fellow named Roy Schwitzer. He lived on the first road in "B" section by the water. The Boat was very light and I remember John Keenan skiing behind it down the creek. I remember the time we were water skiing and Bobby Roff cut through a marshy area skiing down the creek and broke his ankle. Also another time when Bart Wyman crashed into a barge with his 16ft Crestliner and split the front wide open! He made it back to Edgewater by sitting far back to keep the front high to keep the water out. Cars were something else we all went through a few in our later teen years. I learned to drive in Edgewater.If you could drive in Edgewater you could drive anywhere! My first legal car with license plates and insurance was a 1951 Mercury 4 Door. I had 96 tears on one front fender and Shifty Gears on the other. It was primed and it had suicide rear doors we would swing the rear doors out and yank people into the car as they were walking! When I was drafted into the Army I gave the car to Larry Johansen....he was the last owner. I remember your dad's gray ‘59 Caddy with the bullet taillights and fins. I guess you could ad my e-mail address to your list. You never can tell maybe there is someone wondering where I am. Take Care for now!  My E-mail address is: [email protected]

John McNamara (Mack) wrote:

Craig, I heard from Ronnie Dunnellan last night. She must have saw the story I sent you. I e-mailed her back. I guess if you send me your Bx. Website as if I'm a new subscriber I could then put it on my favorites? You know I still have that "Road Knights" Plaque! It's now in the rear window of my 1950 Ford! Yes, I remember the day you finally got over to see my dad you were still there with him when I left that day. Dad was originally from the South BX: 153rd and Morris Ave then a move to 151st and Courtland Avenue. Edgewater Park or back then was called Edgewater Camp then and was the summer place. THen eventually people started living there year round. My father lived in 53-B then later on 90-B. I'll look around for Edgewater pictures and can scan and send them to you.
Regards for now,

I asked Mack if he ever lived in 53-B and if he remembered a blue '48 Dodge belonging to a neighbor.

Craig, I never lived in 53-B. When I was born in 1947 I started out at 90-B. Dad and Ed lived there in their
early 20's then both moved out when they got married and their father stayed there ‘till 1953 when he died
and his 2nd wife sold it to the Buebels. They knew it was my grandfathers house. I remember Buebels ‘53 2 door Studebaker. I think the ’58 Ford retractable was Bob Green’s on the next block, next to Mr. Geezer, the guy that was always painting his house (THE MAD PAINTER). [Actually the '58 Ford retractable was Buebels] The '48 Dodge 4 door was dark Green and they were [my neighbors] Paul and Marion Jordan. [He later said it was a dark blue '48 Dodge. It wound up in Hotch Acker's hands and then George Gowers had it].Paul had a ‘51 Merc Black 2dr. he couldn't see too well and drove real slooooooooow but got hit paass front and I wrapped up my ‘51 Merc drivers front and ended up with his drivers side fender hood and upper and lower control arms and spindle plus blew first and ended up with his tranny also.

I asked John if he remembered Paulie Jaws, who lived on my block. He got in a car wreck and was disabled. Everyone knew him up the Stores and down Sandy. He was once a prizefighter.

Yes, I remember Paul Juers and his sister Christine (MARBLES). His father was ARTIE and he had a glass eye and used to pop it in and out! The mother was Margarete. She later moved into 88-B when Pauly fell into some big bucks from that car wreck. He was driving home from work in a ‘56 Ford Wagon going down Lawton Avenue between Hollywood and Throgg’s Neck Blvd. When this guy in a blue 2 door ‘60
Chevy was coming up on the wrong side of the road and hit him head on! He practically had the engine
inside the car! He had brain damage after that. The kids by the Stores used to bust balls on him. Also with
the new found money came new found friends that took advantage of him [He died in the late 70’s].

I also asked him about Bart, who was a longtime EBD member.
Yes, Bart's last name was Wyman, he has a brother named Barry who lives in "C" and a sister Margie (Blondie) that lives in the mother's house in "D” section with her husband Benny White. Bart was married to Kathy Muzak [a cop who worked at the 43rd precinct] at one time then to Bridget Marie Coffey who lived in “C” section in back of Bill Freder. He was living upstate with her when he passed away. Bart was a real character and owned a few fast boats and wrapped a few of the up too! He has a son Scott living in
Pa. I will send the picture to him through John Woods who lives near him in Pa.


Mack   [email protected]


  Joe Damm wrote:

I remember the fires and I was standing around the next day. I knew Pete and used to go in the Candy Store to play pinball which was right there as you entered the store. I was from Clarence Avenue, but I hung out in Edgewater. I may be the guy you knew on Clarence because as far as I knew I was the only one from Clarence that hung out in Edgewater.... I don't know if you knew any of the Randall Ave Crew; Richie and Freddy Colban, Pete Farina, Ronald Perry, etc.. I was part of that crew for 16 years and we had about 75 of us on any given weekend hanging out at the Randall Buildings. After the stores burnt they set up those trailers in the parking lot across from Hutch's house and Miller and all those guys used to hang out. Pete later opened an American Legion off Westchester Avenue and when I was working for Lindblom Marble Works, Pete's place was right next door and we used to hang out in there after a hard days work in Manhattan. ( Bookie Joint )  I won a few bucks!! lol. That is when I was older, 18 or so, and I really got to know Pete real well.

My friends in Edgewater are as follows and some have died:
First is my friend from many years ago who died in a car accident when his red Pinto hit a tree coming from City Island and this ( I Guess) was about 1976 or 77 ( Son of Sam Days ) his name was Jimmy Venterelli, and he had a brother named Robert. John Gibbons, who died with him, was also a good friend of mine.. Yea, I went and saw the car the next morning, and those guys must have been doing about 70 or so when they broadsided that big ass tree.

I was best friends with Mike, Joey, Chris  and Anthony (Figga) DeGerolamo who lived in the building over on Longstreet Avenue, right next to Alden Park. I remember riding mini bikes through Edgewater and up on the Sand Dunes and one day me and Jimmy switched bikes just for the hell of it. Jimmy's bike had the clutch cover removed and if the back of your foot slid back too far down the pegs it would cut into you heel on your foot... Well, that is just what happened to me... I look down at my foot today and the scar is still as visible as it was years ago. I remember how long it took before I was able to wear sneakers again... Lucky it was summer. That was when I was 14 years old or so. Jimmy died about 4 years later... Very Sad.

Here are the rest of the people I knew, Keep in mind I left the Bronx back in 1986. Been back to visit a few times but never lived their again. I moved to San Diego in '86 and then to Washington State in '93, where I own a Granite business.
The Rest:
Eric Horn
Larry & Bobby Krause
Freddy Hutchinson and the whole Hutch Family... Billy, the Dad (Great Guy) etc.
Mike Miller
Mickey & Ritchie McConville
Cookie & Oopey Donnelly

It was me, Horn, Hutch (Billy & Freddy), Anthony, Jimmy and John Brown and maybe a few others racing around on minibikes and every now and then we used to get chased by the Corp. because they hated
us riding around in the Park... We did it because the NYPD had no jurisdiction in Edgewater because it's private property. However, the Corp. didn't like it, but they never could catch us anyway... I had some of the best times of my life hanging with those guys. The last one I saw was Eric, about 16 years ago and before that I hadn't seen him in about 6 years and the first thing he said was JOEY DAMM what the hell is going on... Eric was a good guy and him and Hutch and me were motor heads.

I remember Eric drove his Volkswagen on the ice down at Sandy Beach and when he got out to the mooring area it broke through and he climbed out and came back to shore and we stood there and laughed, and laughed, and watched it   Somewhere between Edgewater and Shelter Cove Marina there is a sunken Volkswagen. lol....I knew way more people but can't think of names right now. I  will email you as they come back to me. Those are just spectacular photos and stories you have on your page. I am going to dig through them some more.. Very Interesting..
Thanks Again,
Joe Damm

 I see you posted the pics of Shelter Cove and seen your question about Tony. His name was Tony Corrada and back in the day on my many walking trips back from Edgewater Nina his daughter use to be sitting on the half brick wall planter in front of her house next to the boat yard. She was studying her many school books at all hours of the night. Most of the time I was coming back from Edgewater about 11 pm because I had to be home around that time. Being I had to pass Nina by I would stop and talk to her every night for about 1/2 hour. Now I just called my friend Billy who lives in Kansas now and he lived directly across the street from Nina in fact that is who took that photo. Anyway we both agreed on one thing.We don't know of a third Sister and do know that she had an older sister who was about 4 or 5 years older then her. The older Sister moved away and we never saw her. I cant be 100% sure but my friend Billy and I both think her name was Dana... For now I can tell you it was Tony & Daughter Nina Corrada. I believe Nina is living down in Florida right now and I have her phone number and will give her a call. She is also friends with my sister.

By the way if you want I can give you the story from an eye witness ( Me ) on how that jetty was built and how Tony went about it.  Also maybe sometime I can tell you the story of how I found a dead body along the jetty rocks about 3/4 of the way out in 1972. I was 9 years old and made the Bronx Press Review and I can still remember the guys face as clear as a bell till this day...

I was reading more on the wooden boats page and for what its worth about the Sea planes. I am good friends with Kenny's Dad, Ken Sr. Kenny Jr. owns or use to own Sound Towing and was the one who pioneered the boat towing business they were also good friends with Charlie Evers. Anyway Kenny Sr. owned a couple of seaplanes, his first one was orange and the motor was in front of the cockpit as most, his second plane he bought when I was about 14 or 15 years old and had the motor over the top rear of the cockpit and the belly of the plane was the hull, It is a blue stripe on white plane. Anyway he built a nice hanger on his property a couple of beaches down from the NY Turner Club.  About two or three years after he got the new plane I noticed Kenny wasn't going for his usual weekend flights to Port Jeff so I asked him why and he said they put a noise ordinance/restriction over the Sound so he couldn't fly the plane which was very loud. He wasn't the only guy to have a seaplane there were about one or two more and I believe one guy was over in City Island. Anyway Kenny's new plane was almost twice as loud as the original plane and the beach residence of the Oyster Bay got a petition up and it passed and Kenny and his friends were grounded. He still has the plane today and I guess with hopes that someday they will lift the restrictions (not sure). Later on maybe the other problem could have been an airspace issue but small craft don't share the same airspace with the big jets however the jets did fly low over my house and the sound but I still think they were at a high enough altitude to stay clear of small aircraft space. My house was directly under the flight path from LaGuardia.. "Any who"  that's what Kenny told me.  [email protected]      

Mike Bligh wrote:

Craig, Yes it was my house boat [in the picture of Big Oak]. My mom bought it for us when I was still very young. It ended up blowing up down by Doggie Beach and that was the end of that. Fran Reith is my first cousin. Her Father and my uncle Harry (Harry, Mark and John's father) were brothers along with my mom, Joel’s mom and a couple of other brothers and sisters that you wouldn’t have known. Just a little bit of trivia of my family, back when we all lived there at one time I had 63 relatives in Edgewater and Alden Park. My sister Gidget is married to Charlie Moscatello, who was the foreman of the Corporation before Joe became the boss. My step sister Annette is now in Colorado. I am going to be up there for Labor Day Weekend and I know that my cousins Kenny Attis and Jimmy O’Rourke with his two sons are coming up this year. We all live within about 8 blocks of each other. If you can, come over to Edgewater over the weekend and say hello. I would love to see you. That is why I go up every year, so that I can see everyone that shows up after years of being away.

[email protected]

Mike Powers wrote:

Hi  Craig, My name is Mike Powers, my parents are John and Barbara. My sisters are Susan Gullo (Powers), Louise Powers, and Frances Reith (Powers). My brothers are John Powers and David Powers. I know you knew Sue but I didn’t know if you knew the rest of my family.  I'm a member of the E.A.A. and we had a meeting last night where Brendan Mc Ardle told me about the web site. You did a great job. It brought back a lot of nice memories.  I also remember July 5th mornings, ice skating at the entrance to Edgewater, hitching on the buses and so much more. I still remember going to Mr and Mrs. Hutch to buy my fireworks.

I have three kids of my own and have since moved out of Edgewater but can never get the Edgewater out of me. I know my kids will have a great life but I know they are missing out on something special by not growing up there. I, as you, have 20-30 close friends (more like brothers and sisters) that I would still drop everything for to help them out. Enough about that stuff. I could go on for hours. I’m also writing to you because I started to scan the pictures on the wall at the E.A.A. (have since stopped) so I have alot of good pictures, in those pictures I have the Alley Cats wearing shirts with that saying. I also have the races when they were run down by the boat yard.

[email protected]

Howard Stern wrote:  

I stumbled on your web site and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Hope you remember me, we did spend some time together though I was a bit older. I played drums in a band with Steve Cline, and Pat O'Neill and Billy Nicolay. I have some pictures of the old neighborhood that I took before I moved to Tucson, AZ 1.5 years ago and just wanted to know if you would like to see them and feel free to use if you wish. Some are from Edgewater, Alden Park and some from Miles Ave. and of course the beach shots from Pennyfield Camp where I lived.

[email protected]

I asked him about his address and he wrote back:

I lived at 79-B which was on the corner and the back of my house faced the Nicolay's front door.  I have Billy Nicolays e-mail address some where and I'll have to look it up and get it to you. I did have a 79 sportster which I sold to Eric Horn. I now have a '05 Harley Road King and a 2000 BMW. Do you remember Gary Puetz from Alden Park? Gary moved to Tucson, AZ in the early '90's and we kept in touch.  My son married his oldest daughter and she moved back to NY for a few years and we all moved to Tucson 1.5 years ago. I forwarded your website to Gary and he likes your style of writing.  There's also a picture of Gary and me. Gary rides a Honda and we do some riding together. Tucson is the perfect place to ride year round. I'll forward you Gary's e-mail and you can put him on your e-mail list when you have updates. He'll enjoy that.


 Billy Nicolay wrote:

Hi Craig,Boy I am really excited about what you are doing. I do have one picture that I will send you as soon as I get it scanned in. It is a picture of me and Hotch Acker in our fire engines in front of the Mutzies house with a 1959 or 60 Ford Fairlain in the background. We are about 8 years old and in our winter coats. It's a real hoot. Lots of things have changed for me personally. I left edgewater around 1974 and headed for Levittown Long Island where I raised 2 kids and lived there for 15 years. My wife up and left me with the kids and I wound up meeting a wonderful woman with four boys and we are still very happily married with two grandchildren. I spent 28 years with Con Ed and now, my wife and I have our own church in California in the Central Valley! Yup, I'm a preacher, Pentecostal at that! Boy, does God have a sense of humor or what? We minister to gang members, prostitutes, Drug adicts, and homeless. It is awesome!

[email protected]


I asked Billy some info about him and his family and he wrote:

 OK, let's see how many things I can answer....

First, Brooklyn was home to me for awhile as well. I was the Maintainance General Supv over all the Brooklyn Substations for Con Ed for 2 years. Know it well. My office was in Red Hook off of Hamilton Ave and 23rd st.Dorothy and Madeline are my older sisters. Madeline used to roll with the Tanner crowd. Dorothy trended to hang with people from Randall and The Concourse and Fordham Rd. My brother Joey Married Annette ???My Sister Martha married Jimmy O'BrienMy Sister Mary was married twice, Once to Michael Popeleski and settled down with her current husband Richie Sacco, Brother of Michael and John Sacco.My Mom's name is Dorothy and my dad is Vincent. Used to be the local TV repair man and original owner of Tremont Electronics. Now retired from Con Ed as a machinist. 

Fran Manerly (Coughlin) wrote:  


Hi Craig,
I think this website is absolutely wonderful.  I feel like I died and went to heaven.  I have so many nice memories of growing up in Edgewater.  I have been very good friends with Gina Borelli (Tanner)  and Richie Hellthaler.  Since I have moved to Phoenix, Arizona, I still keep in touch with these people.  I am searching for pictures from the good old days, and I was wondering if you want me to scan them in my computer and pass them along.  If not, when I locate some pictures, I can send them to you.  Please advise.  You are doing a great job, and I am sure you will spark up a lot of interest when you locate the Edgewater group.  Take care and thanks again for this great website.

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Fran Manerly (Coughlin) wrote:
   Hi Craig,  As I mentioned, I am really enjoying the Edgewater Park website.  I was born and raised by my parents Ann & Frank Manerly at 80-A Edgewater Park for 22 years until I got married.  Moved to Queens, Holtsville. Long Island and then onto Phoenix, Arizona. You can take the girl out of New York but you can't take New York out of the girl especially Edgewater Park.  I sure have many fond memories of growing up in Edgewater; the beach parties, the Labor Day Races (which I still have several silver dollars from when I won some of the contests)  and the Labor Day Dance,  ice skating and just hanging out at Sandy Beach, Alden Park, the Edgewater Candy Store and sometimes we hung out at Cahill's Candy Store in Pennyfield.  We use to love going trick or treating on Halloween especially if we stopped at Mr. Shaws house and each received a quarter, boy we thought we were rich!  We were never bored and always could find something to do, potsy, tag, jumping rope, etc.,  or just hanging out.  My friends consisted of Linda & Regina Tanner, Carol Kuhn, Tommy Dunphy, Richie & Nancy Hellthaler, Belle Halpin, Barbara Wakefield, Irene Daniels, Arline DiMarzo, Kenny Ackert, Gerri, Diane & Mona (just can't think of the last names) and there were quite a few more of us, sure wish I could remember each ones name. I attended P.S. 72 and Christopher Columbus High School. 

 I really have to say I was a very fortunate child to grow up in such a wonderful place as Edgewater. We were all like one big happy family.  You cannot find a community such as this with the comraderie of the neighbors, the EAA, the Fire Department and let's not forget the Edgewater Girls Band (which I was once a member of).  Just love reminiscing about these warmhearted memories. When I think of Edgewater, I think of the Twilight Zone as you will never find a place such as this!!!

 I am attaching some photos that I came across.  The Ragmuffin picture features me (with the oriental hat and my Mom behind me) I hope you can use these and I will keep looking for more.  Once again thanks for this wonderful website you are doing a great job!!!!  Keep in touch and let me know if your receive the photos.

Fran (Manerly) Coughlin   [email protected]

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Published: August 5, 1985

George Glock pays $46 a month for a million-dollar waterfront view that few New Yorkers even know exists.

From the shaded patio of his trim house on Eastchester Bay, Mr. Glock, a 63-year-old former painter for the Transit Authority, scans a boat-dappled vista that includes City Island, Long Island Sound and lavish estates on Kings Point in Nassau County.

''It's beautiful,'' he said, echoing the pride that people in Edgewater Park take in their tiny spit of land near the Bronx end of the Throgs Neck Bridge.

This place of unpublicized pleasures - of 3,000 lives lived just off a concrete boardwalk along a strip of sandy beach - has not changed too much since the 1920's, when workers from Manhattan and the Bronx camped at what was then a makeshift summer resort.

But as development has come to surrounding neighborhoods, Mr. Glock and other residents have come to fear for their backwater in the Bronx. And so they have taken a step that usually presages the very development they seek to avoid: they're going co-op.

Under an unusual leasehold agreement, residents own their dwellings but not the land on which they are built. Instead they pay monthly ground rent, ranging from $32 to $125, to a family-run real-estate corporation that has owned the tract for more than 60 years.

But in recent years, residents say, the area has begun to look rundown, and there have been rumors that the land would be sold to developers who would push them out.

''The family aspect of management had diminished,'' acknowledged Thomas R. Langan, attorney for the corporation, The Park of Edgewater Inc., whose great-great-uncle was the first Edgewater landlord.

In January the tenants signed a contract to buy the land, and their attorney is now preparing a preliminary filing plan for co-op ownership, a legal requirement that the State Attorney General must approve. The approval process could take several months, according to the attorney, Gerald P. Halpern.

In recent years the same kind of conversion has worked successfully in other Bronx neighborhoods, including Silver Beach and Harding Park.

Mr. Halpern said a survey showed that 90 percent favored going co-op. The tenants expect to pay about $8,000 each for their land.

''With everyone owning their property, we can keep the rents down, just as they are now,'' said John W. Bloom, president of Edgewater Taxpayers Inc., a homeowners association. ''When everyone gets a piece of the rock, everyone will care more about the place.''

Some residents, however, balk at the cost of the co-op conversion and of assuming financial responsibility for large maintenance projects.

''Personally I don't like the co-op idea,'' said Sol Haas, a retired bank messenger, who has lived in Edgewater for 18 years. ''Before you know it, you'll be paying for this and that more and more.''

''Eight thousand dollars?'' he said, glancing at his squat, gray house and the land that he rents for $56 a month. ''Nah, it's not worth it.'' In January, Josephine Schiavone moved to Edgewater from the Castle Hill housing project in the Bronx, where she was once robbed at gunpoint near her apartment.

''It's like country here, so close to the water,'' she said. ''I don't have to be afraid, like I was in the projects.''

But if the co-op plan goes through, Mrs. Schiavone may have to move.

''My husband's on disability and can't work,'' she said. ''There's no way we can afford $8,000.''

In 1923, when Richard W. Shaw Sr., the first of four generations of Shaw landlords, bought the property, only one house stood out: a great stone mansion that overlooked pastures, swamps and, of course, the water.

During the summer he permitted church groups, Boy Scouts and, later, workers from New York City to pitch tents or build rustic cottages on what became known as Edgewater Camp.

''As kids, we'd go see cows grazing and then go down to the farmhouses nearby and steal tomatoes and squash,'' said John McNamara, a 72-year-old Bronx historian and former Edgewater resident, who recalls lazy summers of courting schoolgirls in canoes and walking three miles to the nearest trolley into town.

''We lived in wooden-sided tents with canvas tops,'' he said. ''We had no electricity, just kerosene stoves. It was a real pioneer community.''

In the 1930's, the Great Depression forced many of the summer residents to sell their homes in the city. They winterized their Edgewater bungalows with newspapers, cardboard boxes and other crude insulation. A permanent community was born.

For all its scenic beauty, Edgewater is a planner's nightmare, with neither building codes nor zoning laws. Fire hydrants sprout in backyards, a reminder of how the early residents simply ignored the street grid the city had planned for them.

The result is a jumble of 675 single-family houses shoehorned into 55 acres of land, elbowing one another on 30-by-50-foot plots.

''If a guy sneezes down the street, the whole block says, 'God bless you,' '' said Mr. Bloom, a burly man, who is a plumbing foreman at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. ''If you want privacy, go to Albany and buy a forest.''

Narrow lanes wind around the hodgepodge of dwellings, sided with wood, aluminum or tar paper. The lanes dwindle to braids of asphalt paths that teem with yelping youngsters and barking dogs.

''Some of these homes look like shacks of garbage,'' said Dolores Winoski, a resident for 19 years, ''but you walk in, and they're palaces.''

Quarreling over parking spaces -all unreserved - has evolved into the park's unofficial pastime. The smallest imported car, parked carelessly, can choke traffic on the lanes.

Police cars from the 45th Precinct go to Edgewater only in response to complaints. The community has its own security patrol, and anyway, the streets are too narrow for the police cars. The volunteer fire department, on the other hand, uses custom-made trucks with shorter axles to negotiate the tight turns.

''It's a tough, gritty neighborhood where the kids are rowdy and people drive fast and screech their tires,'' said a newcomer, Jennifer Wallace.

So popular is the community that one almost has to inherit a home to live there.

''Before a house is up for sale, everyone here knows about it,'' said Thomas Creamer, who considers himself an ''immigrant'' in Edgewater, having moved there 10 years ago from ''about a mile away.''

Once you're in, Edgewater residents say, neighbors look out for each one another.

''I bought a house here 26 years ago and I've never had a lock on my front door,'' said Michael Flanagan.

''You wouldn't believe how wonderful the neighbors have been,'' said Mrs. Wallace, who with her husband, Jerry, bought an Edgewater house last year from Mr. Wallace's uncle. ''When we pulled up to move in, there was a big sign that said, 'Welcome to Our Block.' ''


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