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  Photos by Jane Hayes (Dowd) 

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St. Frances de Chantal and the Poor Clare Monestary.

Note all the vacant land around. We use to meet up in the morning at a little plot of land opposite the Rectory, which would be diagonally across from the Poor Clares to do our homework if it wasn't done. (You can see the tree there in this photo. Also, there was a statue there). There would always be a few people there before morning Mass. It's now occupied by the new Church. 



As an alter boy we had to learn the Mass in Latin. Father Brennan instructed us. He left to go to Viet-Nam I heard. Does anyone know what happened to him?

Note the difference in the front of the Church between this photo and the one below. 




  Photos by Jane Hayes (Dowd)

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Grade 4-A, 1955
Bottom row: Kenny Connors (he also had a brother, Jacky), Paul Haggerty, Owen Haggerty, Michael Kehoe, Billy Goldsmith
2nd row: Marian Dineen (had a sister, Doris, and a cousin Mary Jane Grant, both from EP), me
3rd - Richy Freitag, Gerard Anthony (cousin of Larry Meyer)
4th - John Cerasoli (had a brother, Hank; Miles Av), Edna Fodor (Miles (Boots' house)), Margaret Mary Lennon, Marianne Lozito (had a brother, Tommy; Pennyfield Camp), Ann Cunningham (believe Blair Av, off Wissman)



Grade 7-1, 1959
Bottom row: Jimmy Kelly
2nd: me, Billy Goldsmith
3rd: Victoria Cupertino (had a brother, Danny; lived A-sect; believe their property bordered the Campbells, up one block from A-sect gate, across street from the Christofaro's; the Christofaro's were the only ones with a pool and it was an inground cement affair to boot), Marian Dineen
4th: Marianne Lozito (Pennyfield Camp), Ann Cunningham (Blair & Wissman)


Photos by Jane Hayes (Dowd) 

  Grade 8-1, 1960
John Cerasoli (Miles), R Freitag, J Kelly, Lawrence Meyer (had a brother, Bobby), Edna Fodor (Miles), me, Margaret Lennon, Marianne McGinty

Ann Cunningham may have had a sister - if the girl you remember was only a few years older than 1955, it couldn't be Ann as she was my age - i.e. 1946; sorry, I don't remember; and I should because we hung out together for a while;
The Cupertino's - I hung out with Vicky; they were a great family; very friendly, always trying to feed you, and her father threw great Haloween parties, right down to the realistic eye balls; and he was the best at peeling an apple, no skin or core would be left; I recall that Vicky told me that she had a cousin, Mary, in California who was one of the 1950's Mouseketeers; the show had 2 Mary's but I don't remember which one was related to the Cupertino's;

Across from 66-A at 60-A was Mr. Peter and his wife Mary (Moone) Feighan (parents of Sarah and Richard); at 61-A was John and Bridget Moone. (I just looked them up on ancestry.com)
59-A was Carmine Hooten, who lived with his relatives, the Brilli's. I rembered Robert Greiss (I believe he was the one who was the only Prostestant in the school and the nuns kept trying to convert him! he once told me that he just learned to ignore them), Jackie McGinty, Theresa McConville, Rose Vetrano and Christine Wheaton (I think it was Christine who won all the long distance girls swimming races; she had to practice every day in the summer with her father following in his row boat; Christine introduced me to the 'hero' sandwich)


Edna Fodor 4-1 


 Jane Hayes 4-1


  Jane Hayes 7-1


 Mike Kehoe 4-1


 John Cerosoli 4-1


Marianne Lozito 7-1


Richie Freitag 4-1


Billy Goldsmith 4-1


Billy Goldsmith 7-1































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Al says: Anyway, I thought you and others might be interested, so I attached a picture of my 8th grade graduating class from St. Frances de Chantal taken in 1961. In the picture are among all people, myself (from 110-D), but you can also see many others from Edgewater, some of which are in various photo's on the web site.

 In the top row you can see me and Paul Farrell.  The next row has Jimmy Halpin. Moving down there is George Seabo (55-D), Barbara Brower (I believe the Brower's lived in B section), Judith Deneen, Theresa McConville (E section), Jacqueline McGinty, Diane Page (106-D), and Christine Wheaton.

Photo above by Al Burkhart.



My Class of 2-4 in 1963.

 John Ryder-Class character and great guy. Debra Price-from Silver Beach. Tom Sofio-had a hot dog stand in front of the Williamsbridge parking ticket building in the 80's. Katie Williams-was part of the Legion crew in the mid to late 70's. Gerard Shadwick-married Mark Cunningham's sister and lives on Miles Ave, by the buildings. Mary Samanich-grew up in A-section and married Bobby Kuhn and lived on Miles Ave. by Pennyfield Camp. Joe Stroell lived on Miles Ave near Longstreet Ave, Jerry Tocco-had a video store on Tremont by Randall in the 80's. Jackie Prendergast grew up in A-section before moving out of Edgewater. Craig Schmidt lived in the Edgewater Gatehouse.


 My class of 8-2 in 1969 with Sister Mary Stanislaus.



 The people I see are:

Larry Gerard, John Duffy, Diane Gibbons, and Patty O'Flanagan.

Know anyone? Let me know.




PS 72 in the early 30's.


Notice the roads aren't even paved yet.


1930 class of P.S.72
This photograph of the 1930 graduating class of P. S. 72 has many as yet unidentified faces.  You might be able to help fill in the blanks.  Harold Sheffold (FDNY) is the third from the left in the top row and the Lindquist boy is to his right and then comes "Hotch" Acker, who later raised a family at 59-B.  The second row from the bottom shows the Zito boy at the second from left.  The fifth boy in is Bill Tarpy (later a US Navy diver before serving with the NYPD), the seventh boy over is Fred Aram who became an A & P warehouseman and on his right is Douglas Clamp who lived at 16-A and entered the printing trade.  The bottow row, third from left shows Virginia "Ginny" Ellenbast and second from the right can be see the McCarron girl who lived at 1D.


Got any names?


Preston High School